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Nvidia (PNY) GeForce 6600 and Quadro FX 4000

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Hi guys,


First post in this forum!!!


I have successfully installed an Nvidia FX4000 in my computer/OSX86 10.4.6


Was only recognized as VESA 3.0 by itself but after installing latest Macvidia drivers

it ran smooth with no glitches, of course with no QE or CI acceleration but I could choose

the resolution I wanted on-the-fly.


After reading a lot of forums and HCL´s I decided to purchase a PNY Geforce 6600 since

it is one of the by-default graphic cards in the Power Mac G5 configurations. I have to

clarify that I did not want to purchase an ATI card since they suck, (in my opinion) and

the do not deal well with Linux, which is also installed in my computer.


Unfortunately when I removed macvidia drivers and went back to original OSX86 configuration

the brand new Geforce 6600 is not recognized by OS X and QE & CI is not supported. I am

positive that if I reinstall macvidia drivers the card will run ok but I would like to know if there is

a way to force OS X to accept this card natively since it is one of the products that is included with

original Apple hardware.


I would appreciate your help. I just cannot use FCP without QE.




Ramon Lopez

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only drivers written by apple for this card are in ppc format and are not available for Intel format. Apple has not written any drivers at all for your card macvidia is an awesome driver and np_ has done a great job we are lucky to have him on it. be patient and as the site said QE and CI coming soon.. :gathering:

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