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  1. I too am having this problem. everything goes fine with XP install with OSX and I set OSX Active with XP and Darwin Boot loader sees everything fine then I installed Vista on my 3rd partition and now when I set the OSX (Partition1) Active again it gives that "HFS+ Partition error" and I tried putting chain0 file in XP C dir and fixing that boot loader and it loads the vista boot loader no matter what I do and shows the OSX install but pulls the vista loader up everytime. Please help..
  2. try callisto.. it can be found here see if that will help ya out some.
  3. Antman

    Using a PCI Video Card In OSX86?

    well you can use a ppc card but it has to be flashed and turned into a PC card. Flash the BIOs of your card with the regular one from a PC and your set.. if ya have a space pci card put both in yer PC and load the correct BIOs to your Mac Edition card and it wont be a Mac Edition anymore but there is no point as there is not much support anyway for that card in OSx86. Macvidia is yer best bet and np_ will have QE and CI someday. he is rockin.. Thinking of going back to my nVidia card myself..
  4. works great here.. completes my mac experience. with my Dell Monitor...
  5. Antman

    Using a PCI Video Card In OSX86?

    no. mac edition cards have to be flashed to PC format and that card will not get ya QE in OSx86.. sorry
  6. JaS Update is Intel only for 10.4.7. you need to download the myzar update located on TPB then run it and see what happens
  7. Antman

    10.4.7 is out

    ok.. I actually explained this here.. here ya go: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=21088 have a good one..
  8. ok..... you need to set the partition for OSX active.. (snip)
  9. Is there a solution that can backup both Windows in NTFS format and OSX in HFS+ Journaled format? Norton ghost changed the Active partition on my setup and made it inactive and was not able to boot.. had to go back in and change Darwin boot loader back active.. Need to create a full archive...
  10. Antman

    Cant find AppleTMPACPI.kext

    if it isnt there then it is not there but you could delete the AppleHWsensor.kext file and speed up your boot time..
  11. Antman

    Ethernet Problem

    Networking Network adapter - Realtek RTL8201CL - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet... You need to install IONetworkingFamily.kext file and you will be all set...
  12. go into device manager and see what kind of network card you have
  13. do you have windows? what kind of board do you have? is it onboard or a seperate card? BTW: Welcome to the Forum!
  14. First off this should have been posted in the OSx86 portion of this forum.. But I like to help.. I do not believe I have enough info to help.. Is your OSX install on the same drive but a seperate partition or how is it on there?
  15. Antman

    Help, how to clone from Pata to Sata

    why not just install OSX to the new drive then when you boot up to your new install and it asks if ya wanna copy your files from another partition just select your old install from the other drive and let it do the work for ya. then when it is done and boots up.. PRESTO... instant identical copy of other drive. excluding any drivers you installed.. hope this helps..