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Videocard ASUS or Sapphire x1600pro


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My old videocard died (asus x700) and so i have to choise on other. My budget is not so large so i was thinkin about a X1600 pro card. i get 55 euro back from the x700 and the pro is about 100 euro. That is also my budget. Now my question is: ASUS or SAPPHIRE ? which one to choise, or another card. Whill everything work in OSX ? no mousetearing ? gotta know it soon!! buying this afternoon !

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i use from MSI (X1600) RX1600PRO-TD256E.


After borisbadenov Patch works perfectly.

All Resolutions, all Refreshrates. And even

Sleep Mode works.


Bought the card from local dealer ( 120 Euro).


Hope it helps




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SAPPHIRE Radeon x1600 XT works


Andras Kenez, I already have one of these cards but does DVI and sleep work?? I'm curious becuase I was thinking after researching this site that I'd need to get an ASUS card instead..?? I really need DVI (and sleep would be nice too). Thanks.


**nevermind - was in the 'drivers' subforum and found that "Tom Schara"s post (page 48, bottom of the page) answered my question - think i'll be pawning off my sapphire x1600xt now for an Asus board instead**

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Ive got the gigabyte X1600pro (fanless) card.


After using editing a few kexts according to borisbadenov's directions (found on this forum), everything works. Including -:


* DVI Output

* Any resolution, automatically detected and set (found my monitor and set 1440x800 for it as it should be).

* Sleep mode

* QE/CI acceleration.


I couldnt be happier. The card was quite affordable, and the fact it hasnt got a fan is just a bonus.

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