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  1. jpschoute

    JaS 10.5.4 Server

    After 10x of reboots and reinstallations i managed to run Leopard OSX Server (Jas 10.5.6) on my HP D230 Desktop machine. It works ! trying to make a server for my home-network. System admin works like a charm, workspace manager starts, then crashes when i press add user. When i remotely (on my imac) use workspace manager, it seems to work oke. BUT when i look at the workspace manager on the server it acts really strange. Is this a fault of me configuring the server ? (and how to Reconfigure it then). Is it a hardware problem ? Is it a known problem ? THX in advance for discussing this with me
  2. Hi all, been away a while but now i'm back. i have 1 imac and 2 macbooks at home (one macbook from work), what i want to do is create a leopard server for my homenetwork. This is pure for testing and playing around with it. I Tried Jas, installation went perfect, after install the pc went into a constant reboot loop. After reading on the wonderfull forum here i checked StageXNU and the pc started into the apple with the spinning wheel i thought. But no, after about a minute i got an icon between the apple and spinning wheel with a circle and a line through it. Went in the forum's again... something to do with my HD. Checked it, made sure it was the only ide-device connected. No success. Then i used a different ide HD, reinstalled it again NO succes. Started with -v option gave me: "still waiting for root device" I don't know what to do next. I don't even know if my hardware can run OSX86 but i hope so. Any suggestions ? Hardware specs: Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Cache memory Type: L2 Cache Installed Size: 512 KB Cache Per Processor: 512 KB Chipset Type: Intel 845GE Data Bus Speed: 533 MHz Type: 1 x IDE - integrated - PCI Controller Interface Type: ATA-100 Optical storage Type: CD-ROM - IDE Graphics controller Type: AGP 4x - integrated Graphics Processor / Vendor: Intel Extreme Graphics Video Memory: Shared Video Memory (UMA)
  3. jpschoute

    Battlefield 2

    very cool, i have bf2 original also, downloaded a backup port for cider at brokenstones.cn. Singleplayer is awesome, but i can't seem to gek my registry settings in the cider port. It just keeps saying wrong serial when i connect to a multiplayer game
  4. jpschoute

    imac dualcore wireless NO GO?

    oke some prob is acceptable, but NOTHIN, i hear nobody about that i found it very strange
  5. tried everything and im a bit confused. nobody got the same prob ? I cant connect with wifi. When i enable the airport it is searching and then says its active or some. nothin happens. all the setting are oke. The strange thing is that when i use internet connection in applications, my wifi connection is on the top next to modem etc bit i can't click on it ?! please i need some help guys thx in advance
  6. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    i'm starting to believe there is no solution what so ever. I can't get it tho. Nobody has the same prob as me !?
  7. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    no thats not the prob... i can see it in tiger and in xp. it's frustrating
  8. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    no one can help me ???
  9. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    im using an netgear wireless router which connects to the internet with cableinternet
  10. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    The specs are the intel mac 1.8 DUO CORE, 1gb mem, 160gb hd, ATI X1600
  11. jpschoute

    Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    yeah i tried that, every thing. In the setup he want to try to connect to my internet which didn't work, after that.. .no way !? settings are good. Im nog on internet with the same machine only tiger ? i don't get it
  12. I tested all the settings, and i think they are good, i don't get it. I like leopard beta but no internet can someone help me ?!? the airport icon can't find any networks !?
  13. jpschoute

    Installing Leopard

    i dont get it leopard installed perfectly. In setupsteps he couldn't find my network and i can't get it up ?! someone with same experience or tips ?
  14. jpschoute

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    Here one more for GuildWars. Still using Windows for GW. it runs under crossover but slow and with no sound effects. ps. someone know if PKR 3d poker works