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Forum Rules. Read. Then Post.

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1) Just don't do it. We'll edit the posts, so no one will see it anyway. Don't waste your time and ours.


2) There will be NO discrimination on this board be it through gender, race, or creed. If you violate this one, you're IMMEDIATELY banned. No questions asked.



It's a 3-strikes-and-you're-out policy. This means 3 warnings and then you're banned.


*Depending on the severity of the offense, we reserve the right to immediately ban you without warning.


A ban includes your IP and host name being banned from the board, and in extreme circumstances, your ISP will be traced and consulted.



Anyone who violates this policy or replies to someone who has requested, posting a link in the reply, will be warned. Depending on how many people try this in conjunction with each other, you may be banned immediately, so... Don't press your luck.


1) No posting of direct links to warez or pirated pieces of software. We do not support the pirating of software.


2) Torrent files are not allowed, nor are links to torrents.


These rules cover a broad spectrum. They, in conjunction with common sense and good judgement, should steer you in the right direction. We're all human and we know that people make mistakes... don't take that for granted. More rules are subject to appear on this board as we see fit, so please check back from time to time for your own benefit. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

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