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How to boost the OS X boot process...

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Hope this helps

I made the test just to confirm the one made by flAked.

Indeed I don't use LAN because my router is far from my PC.

With my old hack (P5QD Turbo) I also tried to use a method like yours in DSDT but my LAN was seen like en1 and my WLAN (the same that I'm currently using with my new hack) like en0.

Hi magnifico10


No I never got revoboot to fully work with either a single HDD or SW RAID0.

In fact I never got round to trying Dutch's suggestion from this post here. I was going to try again today but got caught up messing around with my NIC as I'm in the middle of setting up a VPN server using openvpn and VMware.


If you have a running revoboot then you can setup your SW RAID by following/ adapting Nathan7's guide here.





;) Thank's

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