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  1. Thanks Master Chief!

  2. Thanks Master Chief- for all you've done for the community!

  3. thanks for all your comments on Gigabyte DSDT's. It really helped many ppl. Kd rgds, x!

  4. Master Chief

    How to boost the OS X boot process...

    New employment – see signature – makes it impossible for me to work on anything hack related. A rather short note... but that's basically it. So long.
  5. Master Chief

    DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    You can skip this. Not important. Only IASL matters for OS X folks. Tip: Next time you see something like: ACPICA BZ 834 or ACPICA BZ 865 you could – if you want – add links to the Bugzilla Bug Reports like so: http://www.acpica.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=834
  6. Master Chief

    DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    02 July 2010. Summary of changes for version 20100702: This release is available at www.acpica.org/downloads ASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools: iASL: Implemented a new compiler subsystem to allow definition and compilation of the non-AML ACPI tables such as FADT, MADT, SRAT, etc. These are called "ACPI Data Tables", and the new compiler is the "Data Table Compiler". This compiler is intended to simplify the existing error-prone process of creating these tables for the BIOS, as well as allowing the disassembly, modification, recompilation, and override of existing ACPI data tables. See the iASL User Guide for detailed information. iASL: Implemented a new Template Generator option in support of the new Data Table Compiler. This option will create examples of all known ACPI tables that can be used as the basis for table development. See the iASL documentation and the -T option. Disassembler and headers: Added support for the WDDT ACPI table (Watchdog Descriptor Table). Updated the Linux makefiles for iASL and AcpiExec to place the generated object files in the local directory so that there can be no collisions between the shared files between them that are generated with different options. Added support for Mac OS X in the Unix OSL used for iASL and AcpiExec. Use the #define __APPLE__ to enable this support.
  7. Master Chief

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    News flash: Not missing. I just got a new boat and we decided to go out and sail for a couple of months... No worries!!!
  8. Master Chief

    How to boost the OS X boot process...

    Just to let people know: I am away until September 2010 and unavailable for any help.
  9. Master Chief

    DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    For the record: This update is not adding anything for OS X users!
  10. Master Chief

    DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    FYI: Version 20100428 has been released. Here's a summary of the changes: iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools: iASL: Implemented Min/Max/Len/Gran validation for address resource descriptors. This change implements validation for the address fields that are common to all address-type resource descriptors. These checks are implemented: Checks for valid Min/Max, length within the Min/Max window, valid granularity, Min/Max a multiple of granularity, and _MIF/_MAF as per table 6-40 in the ACPI 4.0a specification. Also split the large aslrestype1.c and aslrestype2.c files into five new files. ACPICA BZ 840. iASL: Added support for the _Wxx predefined names. This support was missing and these names were not recognized by the compiler as valid predefined names. ACPICA BZ 851. iASL: Added an error for all predefined names that are defined to return no value and thus must be implemented as Control Methods. These include all of the _Lxx, _Exx, _Wxx, and _Qxx names, as well as some other miscellaneous names such as _DIS, _INI, _IRC, _OFF, _ON, and _PSx. ACPICA BZ 850, 856. iASL: Implemented the -ts option to emit hex AML data in ASL format, as an ASL Buffer. Allows ACPI tables to be easily included within ASL files, to be dynamically loaded via the Load() operator. Also cleaned up output for the -ta and -tc options. ACPICA BZ 853. Tests: Added a new file with examples of extended iASL error checking. Demonstrates the advanced error checking ability of the iASL compiler. Available at tests/misc/badcode.asl.
  11. Master Chief

    How to boost the OS X boot process...

    Is that [probably] because this isn't about Intel's SpeedStep nor DSDT hacking?
  12. Master Chief

    DSDT disass+compile: newest iASLme / IASL :, Juli 11th 2012

    There's a new version ready for download and here are the release notes for iASL: 2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools: iASL: Implement limited typechecking for values returned from predefined control methods. The type of any returned static (unnamed) object is now validated. For example, Return(1). ACPICA BZ 786. iASL: Fixed a predefined name object verification regression. Fixes a problem introduced in version 20100304. An error is incorrectly generated if a predefined name is declared as a static named object with a value defined using the keywords "Zero", "One", or "Ones". Lin Ming. iASL: Added Windows 7 support for the -g option (get local ACPI tables) by reducing the requested registry access rights. ACPICA BZ 842. Disassembler: fixed a possible fault when generating External() statements. Introduced in commit ae7d6fd: Properly handle externals with parent-prefix (carat). Fixes a string length allocation calculation. Lin Ming.
  13. Master Chief

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    I don't have this problem. I can wake my hack with both my Apple keyboard and USB mouse (connected to my Apple keyboard).
  14. Master Chief

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    I downloaded the 10.6.3 combo update at 2711.1KB/sec (in 4.10 minutes) and installed it in like under five minutes – including the iTunes and iPhoto updates – so that was fine, but audio (ALC883) stopped working. Time to fix it after the break. Hope to report back soon... after I finished my iPad review.
  15. Master Chief

    smbios dumper and matching dmidecode

    This is something I was looking for; for people willing to test the latest version of Revolution [with: DSDT, SSDT and SMBIOS tables compiled into /boot]. Thank you!