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Problems booting a WD 300GB VelociRaptor

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Weird issue..


I had originally installed my Hackintosh build (10.6.1) on a WD 1TB Green drive. I later, mirrored the disk to my Velociraptor 300GB drive.


The two other paritions of OSX (backup drive, and a 10.6.2 build) show up fine under Systems Prefes->Start up disk.. The Velocitraptor parition does not.


I can ONLY boot the VelociRaptor 10.6.1 drive if I I set the 10.6.2 build as the 1st boot drive in the system and use the boot loader to select the VelociRaptor drive..


If I select the VelociRaptor drive as the 1st boot drive, I get the boot loader, but selecting the VelociRaptor OS X 10.6.1 partition just 'spins' at the boot screen, and never boots...


Kind weird. Just to be sure, I reinstalled the the EFI stuff to the VelociRaptor drive.


I'd like to remove the 10.6.2 drive (since i can't run 10.6.2 with my ATI HD4870x2), but I can't at the moment due to only being able to boot the VelociRaptor using the bootloader on that drive.



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