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  1. So I'm running yosemite on an asus p6x58d board. Just installed yosemite last week with my old dsdt (10.6.8) and some tweaks here and there for iMessages, yukonInjector, etc.. Not too hard. Everything is working, audio was a {censored}. I have a weird issue, that I'm not sure it's even a hackintosh specific bug. I was hoping someone else could tell me if they've experienced it. Basically when I use hot corners to put just my displays to sleep, it appears that after a little while, the computer goes to sleep. But the fans don't spin down, etc. I know this because if I'm streaming something it quits. Also, when I come back from just the displays being asleep for a while, all my windows seem to load from ram. Internet connection has to reconnect, etc. Sleep is working normally although it takes a while, 20 seconds. Anyone seen this yet? I just installed the 10.10 fakesmc.. not sure if it's related. I'm a newb to most of this so go easy. Thanks a ton.
  2. tipsotto is using a cakewalk install. hardly recommended. sticking with retail installs and using chameleon bootloader are much much better.
  3. So, my hackintosh has been running great for a long time now, and I still love it. But recently it started acting up.. the number one issue is that when booting, it stops at the blue screen where it waits for up to 2-3 minutes, and then the login screen appears and everything functions as normally. Nothing changed to cause this delay. Then I noticed that when I plug in USB, Firewire, or firewire 800 drives, they don't show up anywhere, disk utility, finder, etc. a reboot SOMETIMES fixes it but rarely. so It's been a huge problem. So I recently upgraded to 10.6.7 to see if this would fix any problems. It did not, and I lost my audio. I'll figure out the audio I'm sure, but these pther problems are weird.. and i think the blue screen lag might be related because the hd stops reading when it should be.. and with hds not showing up.... seems like that's the issue to me... I'm running an asus p6x58d motherboard. have a dsdt I got off of here somewhere.. my kexts are as follows: appleyukoninjector evOreboot fakesmc HDAEnabler IOAHCLBlockStorage IONetworkingFamily LegacyAppleRTC LegacyHDA NullCPUPowerManagement PlatformUUID SleepEneabler help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, been a while since I've been here. Mainly because everything has been smooth So I wanted to try and setup a wifi card and I read that the wn311b was compatible with the broadcom enabler. Installed it and in windows the power light on the back of the card lights up and all is well. But when I boot snow leopard both the lights on the card light up very dimly, like it's not getting enough power. It doesn't show up in system profiler at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 1. I'm not sure about the speed tests. I've read that 12gb vs. 6 is a little bit slower, but we're talking a very small amount. And beyond that, I use it for sure. I'm routinely using 6-8 gb while working, and have used all 12 on several occasions. final cut, after effects and illustrator/photoshop use a lot when all open at the same time. 2. updates are easy as long as you research a little first. for example.. 10.6.3 was just a new sleep enabler, and replacing my audio kext.. that was it.. used software update.. all is gravy. I can't suggest building a hackintosh enough. I absolutely love this machine. It's insanely fast, never kernel panics, and everything works flawlessly. I think the ssd makes a big difference. It has sped up my workflow like 30-40% probably. And if it gets my work done faster, I'm happy. Not to mention all i have to do is reboot and I'm in windows playing the starcraft 2 beta, and some crysis. Both of which run perfectly fine always at higher then 30 fps.
  6. After the success of working on my build for a few months now, my girlfriend wants speed. I'm going to build her a nice fast core i7 rig, but she already has the apple 24" cinema display. Are there any graphics cards with minidisplay out that are compatible with a hackintosh?
  7. if you'll use the 295, do it. I've heard nothing but good things. I cannot complain about the 220 oc. It's just so strong. It runs my dual 30 inchers, and plays any game I throw at it very reasonably. But if I had the money, sure a 295 would be sweeeeet,. I prefer to use ram that's approved by my motherboard, but other than that, everything is fair game. the hard drives are fine. I would say that 650 is safe, but try the power supply calculator to be more confident.
  8. smeared

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Hi, I'm really just checking to see if my disk speeds seem right. I've been getting some discrepancies. For example, here are my xbench specs: 920 @ 4011 MHz p6x58d premium 12gb corsair gtx 260 OC crucial 64gb ssd the file titled xBench.txt is my overall xbench, using my system ssd. the file titled xBenchData, is the disk test for my data disks which is an apple software raid 0 of two samsung spinpoint 1tb drives. the file titled xBenchRAID, is my 4x500gb eSata external raid 5. WTF is up with my apple software raid? the numbers are just unrealistic, faster than my ssd? is my ssd even accurate, seems high as well? what other programs can I use to measure my disk speed without using terminal? thanks a lot for any help. xBench.txt xBenchData.txt xBenchRAID.txt
  9. After the install fails, it should still be installed properly, you need to restart and boot from the boot disk again, then you should see the install on your hard drive, select it with the arrow key, and then just type -v for verbose.. if that doesn't work i think other ones are -f for skipping errors, and -s to boot single user mode, but honestly I had a much easier time using a usb install. I used myhack, but then once I got in I used the bootloader, and files on this thread. Good luck.
  10. Hmmm.. I definitely think you should try it, but I can tell you that your best bet, to make it infinitely easier, would be to just use a pc case. I'm not saying that it was really really hard to mod the mac pro case, it was tough, but it just takes a lot of time, reworking, measuring, planning, more measuring, and more time. I don't know how elaborate of a tutorial I could write for you, as I was just baby stepping through my build, solving each individual need. As for the components, that's a bummer you have to pay such a premium. I've heard that the gtx 285 works well, and even considered upgrading myself, but I just don't need that much video power. If anything I'd like another card just to run four screens. But by all means, your build looks extremely solid, and I'd be glad to give you advice along the way. But not so much modding advice as that's really hard without being there. good luck.. you'll love it when you're done.
  11. Just a quick update: seasonic 850w PSU installed and this time no coil whine I hooked up the front panel power button and led, but didn't get tot he usb, or headphones yet. ignore the blue fan, that's being replaced when my enermax fan gets RMAd. I don't really like lights inside computers. I need to clean up my cable management sometime in the near future, but it's pretty packed in there, so not sure how much better it's going to get. My temps are great, even with the side on, my motherboard is right at 31°C and my processor overclocked to 4ghz I am stable at 37°C Idle, and 66°C full load after an hour. all three hd temps are at 28, 29, and 28 thanks to the noctua fan mounted underneath them. All in all.. Pretty much done. Waiting on a new external esata RAID enclosure for backups, and then I'll call it quits.
  12. yeah.. exactly as you had it. But like I said, the one that's working is your previous one, I think from the rampage. Also, on the final one, restart never actually restarts the computer, just shuts down mac os x it seems. I have c1e off, speedstep off, 1600MHz ram, 4011 MHz 19x191.
  13. what do you mean out of the box.. I mean they work, out of the box, but not in os x until you install the proper mac os x drivers, or kexts. which are easily available. I think they're even on this thread. But if they're not, just search for p6x58d and find the motherboard thread and everything is on there.. even my entire extras folder.
  14. If it's too good to be true... two 1tb sinpoints, apple software raid striped for speed. but not this much. I didn't notice a speed issue at all, I thought my disks were running fine, but, I just ran XBench to check what score I was getting and this is what I got. Sequential 424.12 Uncached Write 753.86 462.86 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 674.14 381.43 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 228.30 66.81 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 446.21 224.26 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 333.12 Uncached Write 467.82 49.52 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 975.53 312.30 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 194.83 1.38 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 269.36 49.98 MB/sec [256K blocks] These numbers beat the hell out of my ssd boot drive. Can anyone explain what's wrong? or happening? or how I can get an accurate measurement? thanks! Also, these are my numbers for a 4 bay esata port multiplier running on a silicon image 3132 PCIe card. 4x500gb also apple software raid Striped. Are these numbers acceptable/normal. It's pretty fast, much faster than the firewire I moved up from, so I can't complain. Just curious. Sequential 135.88 Uncached Write 197.33 121.16 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 149.88 84.80 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 80.09 23.44 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 191.91 96.45 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 169.83 Uncached Write 115.24 12.20 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 297.65 95.29 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 163.68 1.16 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 184.95 34.32 MB/sec [256K blocks]