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  1. [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    make sure you rebuild the cache. I had to do it a couple of times. Also, make sure you are running both FakePCIID and FakePCIID_Broadcom_Wifi. As well as the BT kexts.
  2. [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    Was able to get it working with just Darkvoids patch. I had to rebuild cache several times for it to finally take. Did not have to revert back to the DP1 drivers. Unfortunately, the GM release still requires the patch.
  3. Report : Asus Z97i-Plus + GTX 770 + Mavericks 10.9.4

    Thanks, just saw that.. works like a champ. I am confused though now. I just used your EFI files.. I had Ethernet enabled by using the AppleIntelE1000e.kext. You don't have that, yet networking is working fine now. Did you do something in the config.plist to get networking to work? I'm just confused as to why this is working now with no AppleIntelE1000e.kext. Thanks
  4. Report : Asus Z97i-Plus + GTX 770 + Mavericks 10.9.4

    Can you tell me what you did to get your Wifi and Bluetooth working?
  5. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Yessir, I rebuilt with kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel kextcasche -system-caches Same result. I have not looked at dpcimanager.
  6. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    I posted this over in the Yosemite area, but it's actually a Mavericks problem. When I patch AppleHDA it works great.. *IF* I boot with 'ignore caches'. Otherwise, it does not. I've added the AppleHDA kexts to the AppleKextsExclude.kext but still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions. Minor issue, but driving me nuts.T Thanks.
  7. Patched AppleHDA only loaded with ignore caches

    I've added the HDA kexts to the exclude list.. still same issue.. won't load without booting with -f.
  8. Patched AppleHDA only loaded with ignore caches

    Do you mean fixHpet in config.plist? That did not work. Thanks.
  9. Followed Toleda's guide (didn't feel this problem was a sound problem, more of a system issue) to patch my ALC 898. Anyways, it works beautifully. The issue is I *HAVE* to boot with 'Ignore Caches' or it reverts to the default AppleHDA. I've got the Realtek kext in EFI/Clover/kexts/10.9, and the patched AppleHDA in S/L/E. Anyone seen this issue before when a kext won't load without rebuilding the cache every time? Thanks
  10. Missing bluetooth controller Transport

    After installing from the USB stick, reboot into single user mode. - create a /System/Library/Extensions/backup - move all of the NVDA*, GeForce*, AMD*, AppleIntelHD*, and AppleIntelFrame* kexts to backup. - reboot. This should allow you to boot into Yosemite and complete setup. - Using Finder, copy the NVDA* and GeForce* kexts back into /System/Library/Extensions - reboot You should be good now.
  11. Yosemite Random Restarts

    I've got the same issue. It also happens in Terminal when I tab during a 'cd'.
  12. When I boot my system WITH the 'kext-dev-mode=1' flag, it won't boot. It stops after it forces the load of AppleMobileDevice.kext. I'm assuming that one of the kexts that Apple has not signed yet is causing the issue. So.. how do I find which one? Does anyone have a list (or a log) booting with the dev mode flag set that lists all of the kexts that are forced to load that fail signing verification?.. Maybe I could determine it by process of elimination. That list appears during boot in verbose mode. It could be the kext after AppleMobileDevice, but doubtful and I have no way of seeing which one that is. Thanks.
  13. Installation Guide for 10.10 DP1 - USB

    If I don't boot with "kext-dev-mode=1" I can boot into Yosemite. Obviously that presents it's own problems as I can't load my networking kext or others. If I do boot with it set, I get hung up after "AppleMobileDevice xxxx". Any idea why? Booted as is, Yosemite is very unstable for me.. playing around in Terminal or finder (copying/pasting files) often results in reboots. Small steps, I guess.
  14. Installation Guide for 10.10 DP1 - USB

    So do you have yet working now? You're saying you're NOT booting with kext-dev-mode=1 but had to add dart=0 and boot into single user mode? what do you do after that?
  15. Installation Guide for 10.10 DP1 - USB

    Have you had any luck with this? I've got the same issue. Installed OK, rebooted and stuck after the AppleMobileDevice line. Tried various boot flags. Thanks.