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Motu 8pre not recognized uner SL

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Hi guys!


I have 2 systems on my hack a 10.5.7 and 10.6. Under snow leopard my MOTU 8 pre card is not recognized although it should be according to MOTU. I've read many threads on many forums about that and no solution so far. Here are my specs:


Gigabyte P35DS3L - intel Q6600(no speedstep) - Nvidia8500GT(512) - Corsair 8 GIG 800Mhz - Belkin generic FW card


Any ideas?



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My 8pre works great in 10.6.1. Have you tried a Firewire HD? Maybe your firewire ports are down?


I do not have a FW hd but i have checked With IORegistryExplorer It sees it without problem. And also i have a friend who has a genuine macbook and he has the same problem with his 828 Mk2. It has to be something else. Anyway i might just have to wait for a driver update.

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hey slambucka,

Did you try it in 32 bit mode ?

My experience with my motu PCIe 424 was on 10.6.0 it worked on 64 bits.

but when I have updated to 10.6.2 my card was not visible by the system.

I have solved the problem booting in 32 bit (arch=i386 in com.apple.boot.plist)

Then everything works including my TC powercore FW....

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all gigabyte motherboards have firewire port controlled by Texas instruments chip. Your Belkin pci/firewire have the same firewire chip? If your Belink have a VIA or NEC or LLC firewire chip....maybe this is the problem!

I use directly thr firwire port on biard or a pci/firewire "Exys" ( it have a Texas Instrument chip) and work perfectly on my MOTU 828mk3 friewire.

Then...try to upgrade your motu firmware ( if it's possible)

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