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    UAD-2 5.9.0 and Hack= NoGo

    I was interested in the new Lexicon 224 plugin so I had to update to UAD software 5.9.0 but unfortunately the UAD-2 card won´t initialize with 5.9.0. Downgrading to 5.8 everything went normal again. There is a difference with the kexts so I guess that´s the problem. The UAD2Pcie.kext is replaced with UADSystem.kext ( can´t remember the exact name but UAD and system was there, UADPcie.kext is deleted and so are the older UADDriver.kext.) ANy Ideas ? I tried to replace the UADSystem.kext with the UAD2Pcie.kext from 5.8 and now the LED turned solid green but still not recognized in the UAD panel. With only the UADSystem.kext the LED keeps flashing red /green which indicates that the card is not initialzing correctly.
  2. This thread is about Pro Tools HD with HD cards.
  3. My hackintosh wont boot with Apple Cinema HD Display23 Alu. It stops after AHCI BIOS INSTALLED as it thinks there is no monitor connected. Also the white dot after initial BIOS wont show up. The screen comes back when scanning AHCI discs but then stops. My workaround is to boot with another monitor and then switch cables.... Pleas help !
  4. Firechild

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Thats correct. Be sure to have some space behind the regular PCI slots though. No heat sinks and so on.
  5. Firechild

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    I am running the "new" PCIe Pro Tools card on a D5400XS motherboard. Works perfect. The older Pro Tools cards are all "PCI" but with PCI-X form factor... Digidesign never released any PCI-X pro tools cards but they look that way...very confusing for users...
  6. My hackintosh is running extremely super well with Pro Tools HD 8.04. I wondering if someone have tried 8.1 on 10.5.8?
  7. Firechild

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Pro Tools HD2 PCie working perfectly fine here. Also UAD-2 duo and Powercore Fw on the same system.
  8. Firechild

    Protools HD PCI kinda working :)

    By the way, there is no PCI-X HD cards. It is either PCI or PCIe. Digidesign never released any PCI-X.
  9. Firechild

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    So, it is confirmed that running PCI based Pro Tools HD works great on Hacks ? Even 8.0.3 ? Is it even possible to mix PCI and PCIe cards !?!? Is there any solution to get a longer TDM flexcable?
  10. Firechild

    Protools HD PCI kinda working :)

    Is there any more news on this matter? I´m running 10.5.8 and have 2 PCI and 1 PCI.e slot available in my computer. It should be possible to mix PCI core and PCIe accel cards, why not? I had both PCI and PCIe UAD cards running without problems.
  11. Firechild

    UAD-2 Solo card flashing red/green on OSx86 - help!

    To clear things out... The UAD card will not be recognized when booting with 64 bit kernel and most likely most of your external stuff won´t work neither. UA has not released 64 bit drivers yet. So, booting with 64 bit kernel is kind of meaningless nowadays and years to come. Both Leopard and Snow Leopard are already 64 bit OS`s even though you are booting with the 32 bit kernel. So to get advantage of the 64 bit Logic version, just boot with 32 bit kernel and "show info" on the Logic 9.1 app and make the right settings. The default kernel mode for real Mac´s is 32 bit but for Hack´s it is 64 bit, just make sure you boot with the 32 bit kernel and you will be fine.
  12. Firechild

    Parallels 5 guest os Win XP Emagic Logic

    I think you can open old Logic windows songs on Logic 7.8.9 too. It says converting from windows version. You will lose plugin settings though.
  13. Firechild

    Motu 8pre not recognized uner SL

    My 8pre works great in 10.6.1. Have you tried a Firewire HD? Maybe your firewire ports are down?
  14. Firechild

    How to change Chameleon boot options?

    Thanks, it works.