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MAC folder changed to Unix executable file...? must read how this happened please

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Hi everyone


quite a problem here


i was doing some music work and being something important i always make a backup to a usb stick


after reinstalling mac os x, i obviously deleted the saved work on my desktop, but bare in mind that folder was copied to another internal drive as well as my usb stick


upon reinstallation of the OS, i went on my desktop and dragged the music folder i was working on back onto my desktop so i can carry on my work. so at this point i now have 3 copies - USB stick, desktop (MAC drive), and further backup on separate internal drive to my MAC drive


i then work some more on my music and save it to the desktop folder


i always drag that desktop folder i am working on back to the other internal drive making sure the backup is now updated


i then copy the desktop folder again but this time to the usb stick again making sure this backup too is now updated


that now gives me 3 locations with the same folder and same files/size


i then used my usb stick in windows many times to listen to my music work between usage of mac os x and my pc (just to confirm the file was there)


so.... after having bad luck with updates using mac os x i decided to reinstall again


after some unsuccessful installs of mac os x i went back on windows for a bit (both OS's are on separate HDs )


so anyway... i noticed that my USB stick does contain my music work folder, but it did not contain the last piece of music i was working on


and as for the other internal drive that i backed up to earlier.... strange thing happened ..... the folder that had my music work changed into a unix executable file and is showing as 0 kb in size


please can anyone help on what happened to my file


why my usb stick shows the music folder except the project folder of the last file i was working on




why the separate internal drive is showing the entire folder name as a unix file extension now?


please anyone i really need help on this


thank you very much for the time

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