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    Out of box support for GTX 470?

    Many thanks for the kind advice. I appreciate the update to my post. I did try this once and this is what I did... 1 - Installed SL 10.6 using Kakewalk USB method for my UD5-EX58 m/b (always worked when I had my GTX 275) 2 - Since I sold my GTX 275 to buy the GTX 470, I had to borrow and install SL 10.6 using a geforce 7 card (very compatible with osx) 3 - After it installed I was in the OS and tried downloading the kexts mentioned for the GTX 470 o work, but I was a little stuck. 4 - I had trouble understanding exactly what to download, where to place them, how to install, etc... I am still quite new to all this OSX on PC stuff, but still getting there... slowly Would you mind explaining to me in brief step by step guides on what to download and what to do if that's alright please. Do appreciate the time and help Thank you again PS - When I had my GTX 275, I used Kakewalk's USB method as I already explained. It worked like a charm with no problems. As if I had a real genuine MAC and DVD install disc. That's how perfect it was. Sleep mode, graphics, ethernet, etc... all worked 100% like the real deal. Question is... will I come to any problems if installing my GTX 470 this way using the kexts, even though it is not officially supported yet for OSX? I would really love to have OSX working again. Thanks again for the help
  2. hi again well.... being as i got my gtx 275 back along with my new gtx 470, is it possible to have windows load the gtx 470 and snow leopard will load the gtx 275? also, if windows could utilise the power of the gtx 470 for gaming, where the gtx 275 is added for physx that would be even better but is the first part possible, to have these two cards boot within its own OS? regardless of posiblity, is it something allowed to do as in is it safe and wise? i mean is the motherboard catered for this type of option? many thanks again
  3. hi and many thanks for that link. i have seen this before, but it says you must install 10.6.4 first. but i cannot do that at all. my system will not boot into the installer? can you please explain to me how. i am using kakewalk usb install method, which has my original 10.6 dvd image on it along with kakewalk's kexts. please would you kindly briefly explain how i can do this. i have posted twice before and on there but never any answers. this is really urgent. i do try to find for myself first before asking but never get anywhere. most explanationas are hard to follow too many thanks
  4. Hi. Helpful topic. I wanted to know about this stuff for ages. I came from having a GTX 275 which worked fine for SL 10.6 Now I have a GTX 470 My mobo is the Gigabyte X58 UD5. Can I simply plug and play to install OSX on one drive and Windows 7 on another? In other words, GTX 470 for Windows, and utilize the power of the GTX 275 also for Windows as a second card (maybe for physx?) and the GTX 275 strictly for MAC OSX when that boots up? Any help on this much appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi everyone. Would really appreciate some help on this please. I had a GTX 275. My mobo is the Gigabyte EX58-UD5. I was using Kakewalk's USB install method and it always worked perfectly well. I sold my GTX 275 and upgraded to a GTX 470, but the system obviously will not boot. Is it safe to add a second graphics card in the other PCI slot so that I have my main GTX 470 card for Windows and at the same time a cheap standard compatible card for OSX? Is this safe and recommended? Would OSX and Windows be able to understand which card I want to use or will I have to force each OS to a certain card? I am doing this so I can just use Kakewalk's USB install method again. Please I am really stuck and would appreciate the time. Many thanks for any help Also... Does anyone know what cheap standard cards (preferabbly nvidia 16x slot card) would be suitable please? I do not intend to spend much. It's only a second card because my GTX 470 will not load OSx Thank you very much for the time and help just to add... if i still had gtx 275, along with my current gtx 470, would i be able to do this
  6. bossent20

    What cards are suited for 10.6?

    Hi I made a topic discussing the use of two graphics cards (one for Windows and one for OSX) If it is okay to post a link it is here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=228583 I wanted to add a second cheap card jst to use with OSX. A card that gives full resolution without any need to alter things. Does anyone know what cheap standard cards (preferabbly nvidia 16x slot card) would be suitable please? I do not intend ot spend much It's only a second card becasue my GTX 470 will not load OSx Thank you very much for the time and help
  7. bossent20

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    hi. im still a bit new to all this and only been successful with easy to use one click setups, such as kakewalk installer for USB or DVD method, iatkos, etc... i had 10.6 snow leopard installed just fine with my gtx 275. now that i moved to a gtx 470 like most users here, my mac OS did not boot. it crashed on the splash screen, obviously due to the GPU upgrade. i understand this topic relates to geting the gtx 470 working, but the first thing it tells you to do is install 10.6.4 but how can i do this? i cant get to any installer. unless this tutorial relates to a certain installer package? and if anyone could please kindly give me a simple step by step rundown on what to do and how i would really appreciate the time and help as i am unfamiliar with everything explained in a lot of the tutorials here. the guides here quite advance and seem to jump to areas i do not understand please if anyone can explain how i am to install 10.6 then get the gtx 470 working at its correct resolution it would be great. thank you and please feel free to send me a PM if prefered
  8. bossent20

    Out of box support for GTX 470?

    please can someone add to this. i have been reading most forums and maybe i am missing something but its not easy to undertand all of it The instructions given in the link above says to install leopard. how can i do this if i cant even get into the installer my gx 470 wont let my installer boot up please can anyone help. would iatkos s3 be a better option. does anyone know the settings i need to choose to install in the iatkos s3 installer. i have an ex58-ud5 with 6gb ram and a gtx 470 many thanks. much appreciate the time and help ps - is cartir mac bios better for me? does it basically mean no kexts needed? in other words put the mac dvd in the drive and install straight out the box?
  9. bossent20

    Out of box support for GTX 470?

    hi any ideas on this pelase. really am stuck here. i know i have had some successful installs in the past but most from following newbie guides coz afterall i am a newbie with all this stuff. i am not so fluent with all the plist editing part. i can do it, but to get around it is difficult. anyway back to my main issue. the guide on the link provided by Fabio seems great knowing it works, but how can i get the first part of the tutorial done if that first part says to install the mac os thats the part i cant get to. what installation method can i use for this? i would like to stick with my USB method but im using kakewalk USB method. it includes my original snow leopard install disc image along with kexts from kakewalk USB installer. if anyone can please briefly explain what i must do i would appreciate the help. many thanks
  10. bossent20

    Out of box support for GTX 470?

    Hi Fabio thanks for the reply Forgive me for sounding dumb here, but the instructions say to install OSX first. But I cannot do this since I cannot get into my install screen at all Bare in mind I am using Kakewalk's USB install method. I have my original 10.6 image restored on the USB stick, added with the kexts files from Kakewalk. That's what makes my USB installer load. But I cannot get into it now that I have a gtx 470. That link you provided tells me to install the OS first. But how? Many thanks again
  11. Hi, Got the nvidia GTX 470. When I had my GTX 275 it worked without any trouble using Kakewalk's USB install method (from the original SL 10.6 install DVD image) Anyway, my GTX 470 obviously does not work with my Snow Leopard install. Even to get to the USB installer screen crashes (definitely the GPU that's doing it) Is there any new installer out there or any simple guides I can easily follow to allow full resolution use of my GTX 470 please under 10.6? Many thanks for the time and help.
  12. my system is working about okay really only having two problems now: 1 - the mac info windowshowing a different cpu and ram readout 2 - the restart option just gives a blank screen. it does not do anything else. any ideas please? if building a new system for someone, what mobo and graphics card should i go for. shall i stick with another ex-58 ud5, or is ud4 better? ati or nvidia? thank you
  13. seems i overlooked a problem and i hope it is a small one to fix. after successful boot and updates i noticed after all my excitement of getting 10.6 running, that my mouse was a little jumpy. it happens every few seconds or so. basically, when moving the mouse in any direction, or better example... when i go to system pref and select mouse option. clicking the button would not keep the mouse on that point in the screen. instead, it would open the next window but jump several pixels across the monitor. is there any reason this is happening. any simple way to fix please? it is so annoying, i noticed it also happens during typing as if the entire system is freezing in the background but not actually freezing if you know what i mean. many thanks for any help
  14. Thank you so much for this helpful USB method On my first try it worked flawlessly and I mean 100% perfect! I only have one issue, which is really very minor... the "about this mac" window does not display my corei7 920 or my 6gb 1600mhz ram i have not looked yet, but i will check here if there is a fix for it. Over 40 pages of replies to go through - lol anyways thank you and great work PS - i noticed there is no GUI bootloader of chameleon. i am not too worried about having a nice GUI of chameleon, but when it comes to installing windows 7 and windows XP, i would then have 3 operating systems. is there a way of updating to GUI of chameleon for dual booting? thanks again UPDATED! ... Okay just to add - I did my first update to 10.6.2 as well as other stuff. I then rebooted fine. Upon reboot there was another update and upon restart this time it went into the blue screen. The cd eject function was working, which meant there was a graphical problem with the desktop. I read that restarting this can help, so I did and it worked. But will I be facing this all the time and why does it occur please? Thanks