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MSI Wind U100 problems. Wont boot without SLBoot Cd in drive


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Hi :thumbsup_anim:



I just installed Snow Leopard on my home built hackintosh PC, by using this method:


Download SLboot.iso (10mb, Chameleon).

Burn it to CD.

Boot from CD

Insert Retail Snow Leopard DVD



Snow Leopard worked PERFECTLY, with sound and graphics as the only things i had to install manually.



Now i wanted to install Snow Leopard on my MSI Wind.

So i used the same method.


And it WORKED (Almost).

I installed Snow Leopard the same way, it booted and i was about to install Graphics, Sound, and driver for Keyboard and Trackpad. (Had to use external Keyboard and Mouse)



But the the problems started.



1. For some reason i cant boot Snow Leopard without booting from the SLboot CD (Chameleon), and choosing Snow Leopard from the bootloader.


Without the CD, if i just let it boot from the harddrive, i get a blinking underscore, and nothing else.



2. For some reason non of the Kexts i downloaded worked. Non. No sound, Graphics, and keyboard + trackpad.



How do i fix this?

How should i install Snow on my Wind? :)



Thanks in advance!

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i have already seen that guide, and to be fair, its not that good.


It wants me to have OS X already installed and updated, BEFORE installing Snow Leopard?

Why that, when installing snow leopard is as simple as using the SLboot.iso, and swapping the iso with the Retail DVD in the Chameleon bootloader?


My problem is not installing.

Because when i look at that guide, it looks like he wants me to take a lot of unneccesary steps, when it has been done much easier.



My problem is, what to do when the OS is installed, and how to Boot it without the Chameleon CD in the drive.

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This is the guide i used:







"Install Snow Leopard:


1) Insert your newly burned CD into your drive, reboot and press F12 during POST, and choose CD-ROM as bootup device.


2) When Chameleon boots up, insert your Snow Leopard Retail DVD into your drive, then press F5. The Snow Leopard DVD should now show up. If it doesn't, open and close the drive, and press F5 again. Select the DVD, press -v and press enter.


3) Install OS X. Grab a cup of coffee...


4) Restart. You need to load your saved settings in BIOS before proceeding. You should also exchange the retail DVD with your boot CD. Save your settings (F10) and restart. Press F12 to boot from your CDROM.


5) This time select your newly installed SL partition at the Chameleon main menu. Press -v and enter to get logging. Fill out the various forms. If you do not wish to register with Apple you can press cmd+Q when prompted for your Apple ID."

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