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Give this hardware a try?

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i want to buy this hardware:




The Graka and the CPU should work without any problems. Anyone knows about the MoBo? I wanna build up the 4,1GHZ Dual Core System with this hardware and run MacOsX.


Shell it work?

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I have an ASRock P4Dual-915GL and it works great. I get all supported hardware.


It wouldn't work with a Pentium D though. It's a socket 478.

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Beeyatch, i see you have chosen the 775twins-hdtv Motherboard. I am unfortunate enough to have that motherboard. It makes the hard disk very slow (1 mb/s) and whenever there is hard disk activity, the "kernel_task" process clogs up your system. It's because of the ULi 1695 IDE controller it uses, stay away from that motherboard, or you WILL regret it! there is no known solution right now. I had no choice but to install and boot on a USB drive.


I am talking about Osx86 of course, it's a great motherboard for windows and overclocking is a breeze. Just don't use it for Osx86 , Having a slow disk and a slow processor whenever the disk has any activity is very annoying, especially when there is virtual memory being used...

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