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  1. I like the idea of improving the Apple TV to also download games from iTunes. I can see that happening.
  2. PhotoshopFest: Give Steve Powers

    OK... I caught this face in the wwdc keynote movie. It is absolutely clear that he has a lot of power(s) right there... no need photoshop xD
  3. Yup! that site works, nice find!
  4. 10.4.6: JaS vs Goatsecx

  5. Give this hardware a try?

    Beeyatch, i see you have chosen the 775twins-hdtv Motherboard. I am unfortunate enough to have that motherboard. It makes the hard disk very slow (1 mb/s) and whenever there is hard disk activity, the "kernel_task" process clogs up your system. It's because of the ULi 1695 IDE controller it uses, stay away from that motherboard, or you WILL regret it! there is no known solution right now. I had no choice but to install and boot on a USB drive. I am talking about Osx86 of course, it's a great motherboard for windows and overclocking is a breeze. Just don't use it for Osx86 , Having a slow disk and a slow processor whenever the disk has any activity is very annoying, especially when there is virtual memory being used...
  6. Booting from USB via Drawin Boot Loader

    I've successfully booted from a very old Maxtor mass storage 60Gb scsi device with a scsi to usb adapter on my imac G4. I used "cloneX" and/or "Carbon Copy Cloner" to clone my iMac's bootable volume to that new USB drive. (I wouldn't use CloneX or CCC anymore, use silverkeeper or superduper). To boot from the usb drive, i would hold down the alt key at startup and my USB drive would appear in the list!! I've also booted on my iPod with my X86 system. (The maxtor drive was too slow, it didn't have time to be recognised by the X86 computer at startup). For that, I just installed OSX on the ipod plugged with USB using Myzar's 10.4.5 Install DVD (had to charge the ipod first because it's a 2nd gen one and USB doesn't charge it). Yes, I had both Firewire and USB plugs for my iPod. But I installed with USB because Installing With firewire caused errors when trying to boot the ipod. (I've got the PCI firewire Belkin card i added, works great in OSx86). So once the ipod had OSX installed, as my MoBo only supports USB booting, I had to boot through USB, just had to, firewire isn't a boot option. But When booting from USB, in the middle of the scrolling text of verbose mode, the loading stops with "Found a transaction that hasn't moved in 5 secons, timing out!" And stays there. And that's when I Pull my hair and I savagely unplugged my iPod from USB and plugged it to firewire and to my surprise, the booting simply continues as if nothing had ever happened! O mercyful reader, believe me when i say It was easier to boot USB on the PPC mac and to boot from firewire on the X86 PC!
  7. Buying a new PCI Firewire Card

    Thanks for the tips. I bought the 3-port firewire PCI card from belkin (the only one they have, the other one is combo FW/USB) and it works awersome. Just plug it in and enjoy. You can't make a mistake, belkin only sells one PCI firewire-only card.
  8. Vmware installation problem

    It fixed it for me. I was having that error when booting from the installation dvd right when the grey apple comes out
  9. As my test continue, it seems that Windows refuses to boot (Error Loading SYstem) as long as there is an HFS+ partition (formatted by Disk utility) even without installing OSX on it, and even after re-isntalling Win XP My system is nothing really incompatible... Asrock 775twins-hdtv motherboard with Xpress 200 Seagate 120 GB SATA Intel P4 630 3GHZ
  10. I'm lost. I looked everywhere i could for a solution to this and i bet it must be super simple... but i don't know. I want to dual boot OSX and XP I install WIn XP first, (I use the installer to partition my Drive) then I insert OSX installation DVD, and format the other partition (non-XP) into MAc OS Extended (journaled). I i reboot after formatting (or after formatting and installing, but just rebooting after formatting is enough), Windows XP refuses to boot: System Error Any suggestions? thanks
  11. Apple has made it illegal to install OS X on a PC but made it easy to install Windows on a Mac, so as to sell the only universal computers on the market, don't you think?
  12. how to take screenshots?

    You could've just gone to /Applications/Utilities and use the screenshot app called Grab
  13. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Mine here :censored2: Clean.............Dirty Screensaver
  14. The Great Migration

    Just and idea: connect to the computer you're migrating from, mount it's HD through Ethernet and select to migrate "from another volume on this mac" ?