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I just wanted to say that iATKOS v7 is far and away the best distro I've ever had the pleasure of using. It has come such a long was over the years, an v7 is just amazing. I had to do a reinstall on my main machine after a botched 10.5.6-10.5.8 update. I've tried just about every distro that's ever been mentioned in these forums, and I keep finding myself going back to iATKOS, if I even get the other versions to install.

Everything on my machine (save sleep, which has NEVER worked) works perfectly. I even got 5 channel audio now, straight out of the box.. Love it.

This is on my good old Abit IP35-e board. Just thought I'd share, hopefully the people behind this distro know that we appreciate their hard work. Sometimes people get the wrong impression about these things because people only post when they have a problem.. So here I am doing the opposite.. :rolleyes:

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