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10.6 Time machine causing kernel panic


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I'm having a kernel panic issue everytime I try to use Time Machine. Just to give some background, I did a fresh install of 10.6 and then used migration assistant to grab my files from a time machine backup of 10.5.8.


Everything has been working perfectly except for time machine. When I disabled Time machine my system was stable for 4 days, but when I try to backup, it panics. The backup will start and save between 1-3gb of data before panicing. There are two different panics that occur. I'm pretty sure one is from manually selecting backup now, and one is from the scheduled backup failures. Here are the pictures of the two panics.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..





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finally got time machine to backup, and the solution was so silly. Just had to repair the drive i was using via disk utility.


Please help me!


My snow 10.6.2 hackintosh kp's everytime it gets to like 2.5 gigs of a time machine backup...


Have tried with serveral drives did you repair the time machine drive or the OS drive?


Maybe it's cause im backing up to an internal drive?


Any help would be great!!




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