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  1. Blackosx, I was able to fix my problem. After closely looking at my kextstat, I realized that USBMassStorageClass kext was not loading. When I tried to force load it in terminal I got an error. I installed the one from my 10.6.7 and rebooted. Viola, it loaded and my usb drives were mounting. Then I plugged my Atheros wifi card back in, and that was still locking up my machine, and it was also causing my USB drives not to mount. Someone had posted the fix on netkas. It was the bundle from 10.6.7, I had installed it and it must have been corrupt, because I downloaded it from another post on another forum and rebooted, and everything started working. So it seems like I got my 10.6.8 completely working. Sound, time machine and all. Thanks for the help.
  2. Blackosx, I tried using the terminal command diskutil list, and it does not show the usb drive. I don't know why it comes up in the system profiler though. Everything was perfect on 10.6.7. My keyboard and mouse still work. I tried the atheros fix from 10.6.7 from netkas' website, but that didn't seem to do the trick. When I boot with my network card in, the computer still operates very very slow and sluggish. The airport is showing as active but says "The status of your wireless connection is unknown. A few things that cross my mind are...I used the software update, Maybe I should try reinstalling the 10.6.8 combo? Also, I'm using a really old version of Chameleon 2.0 rc3 I think. Could these two things have anything to do with it? I have a time machine backup, if I can't solve the problem I may just restore from time machine, that is..if I can get my usb ports to work when I use a boot cd with a 10.6. disk. Any light you can shed on my situation would be really appreciated it.
  3. I updated. My atheros card was causing very slow response times on the system. Once I disconnected the card, the system seemed to be running perfect. I got 889 sound working and all. My main issue now is that I can't mount usb drives. Whatever I plug in is recognized in the system profiler, but it won't mount and I can't access the files. This kind of sucks because I need to transfer the files for the Atheros Fix from the 10.6.7 bundle. Can anyone help me getting my USB drives mounting? My keyboard and mouse have worked fine from the very first boot. I tried disabling usb2.0 in the bios because I read somewhere that it was a temp fix for someone, but it didn't work for me. I also tried some older iousbfamily kext that I had laying around. I also changed iopcifamily and appleacpiplatform kexts. Any help would be greatly appreciated it. p.s. my motherboard is a ds3r, i realize it's slightly different but i thought there may be a possibility you can help due to it's similarities. Thanks in advance.
  4. I can't believe it. I've been messing with this for two days and I couldn't get it to work. I read some where that someone had success switching pci slots. I did that, and everything started working. I can't believe it.
  5. I just got a DWA-552 because it was documented that it worked OOB, but apparently they've changed the chipset used. I'm pretty sure it used to be a AR5008, now it's AR922x. Anyways, i've tried everything to get it to work. I've tried netkas' AtheroxFix.kext, I've tried editing my IO80211 kext. My device ID is 168c:0029, so i'm putting that in the kext files as 168c,29. I've tried a few different kexts i've found online that people claim to work, but I haven't had any success. My os is updated to 10.6.3 and I installed using a retail disc install method if that matters. The furthest i've gotten was getting the system to boot with the little antenna outlines on the airport icon instead of being completely empty, but when I get the system to boot like that, I can't click it, if i roll my mouse over it i just get the little loading wheel, and it screws the whole system up, I can't access terminal or anything, it just freezes. Even when this happens, it doesn't show up in system profiler or in the network prefs. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm starting to think the AR922x is useless on a hackintosh and am considering returning it and going for an alternate method. Thanks
  6. finally got time machine to backup, and the solution was so silly. Just had to repair the drive i was using via disk utility.
  7. still no luck fixing this problem.
  8. I'm having a kernel panic issue everytime I try to use Time Machine. Just to give some background, I did a fresh install of 10.6 and then used migration assistant to grab my files from a time machine backup of 10.5.8. Everything has been working perfectly except for time machine. When I disabled Time machine my system was stable for 4 days, but when I try to backup, it panics. The backup will start and save between 1-3gb of data before panicing. There are two different panics that occur. I'm pretty sure one is from manually selecting backup now, and one is from the scheduled backup failures. Here are the pictures of the two panics.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  9. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Worked great...thanks to everyone who contributed time for this. I'm having an issue getting the os booting without the disk using Chameleon..I must be overlooking something,
  10. Well i ran out of time tonight. If all else fails, i'll try that tomorrow. Thanks for the response
  11. I've read through this post multiple times while trying to make my boot132 cd for SL. I've used the boot132 in the past to install my 10.5 OS, so i have some experience with it. I made my cd exactly as the post says. I get to the chameleon screen, enter in the command to manually boot the cd. I've tried -rd(1,3) /mach_hernel -v -rd=disk1s3 and i've also tried -rd -disk1 -v, both of which yield the same result. Basically i get a wall of white text scrolling down the screen which is going slightly too fast to read anything from it, I hear the cd driving spinning at some point and then it just boots my HDD. I saw someone post earlier with the same exact issue but I didn't see a resolution. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks again to everyone who puts time and effort into this
  12. I'm just wondering...being the boot132 method is now a viable option for a 10.6 install..is there any reason you can't just upgrade an existing 10.5.8 install, then after the update is complete, boot from the boot132 disc and into the snow leopard and install whatever is necessary to make it boot without the disc?
  13. I've been up and running about 2 months here with zero issues. My hardware is as follows: 2.4 Q6600 4gb of ocz pc2 9200 EVGA 9800GTX. I Play World of Warcraft occasionally and it ran super smooth on this setup. About 3 days ago I started getting a rediculously low frame rate. I highly doubt its a software issue because everything was running perfect for about 2 months. I suppose it could be but I feel it is highly unlikely. I'm just looking for opinions on where to start trouble shooting the issue. I have a feeling the video card may be going bad. Theres some occasions in the game where things would explode and produce a high amount of white light...and when this happens the computer just freezes for like 1-2 seconds and then unfreezes. I haven't recognized any other issues in normal usability, just in game. However, I'm not doing anything with normal usage that requires any demanding type of graphical return. Any helps or recommendations would be appreciated. I think I may try RMAing the card since its only about 30 days old, but if you guys feel theres something else I should try first it would be appreciated. Thanks