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BootCD for P5Q


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Works like a charm so far on my P5Q Pro. It's about 20% done installing. I assume it'll boot the snow partition so I can install chameleon and required kexts after it's done, right?


I'm installing to a software raid partition, so it'll probably be a disaster, but it's fun to play with anyway.

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Can you explain the steps to install SL using this cd?




From a previous installation creates two partitions on a new disk. One partition must be at least 8gb.


restores the image of SL DVD Retail on 8gb parition.


after boot from BootCD an select this partition the installer begins.


sorry for my english ;-)

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Here is BOOTCD for P5Q serie !



Version Nvidia


Link : Version 2


Version 1 Bug ------------- Version 2 OK :D 100%



Version ATI (no GraphicsEnabler) :


Link : Verssion 1


Version 1 ok

i had been struggling to say the least with trying to install the retail off my usb stick until i used your boot cd version 2.


my set up is a p5q pro with a nvidia 9800 and modded bios. when booting off the cd it first gave a bunch of ebios errors and then booted into chameleon and then the install. now to play. thank you for sharing this.


Mustang Sally

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