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New Hac, ProApps, CS3, Snow (All Legal) - Issues?

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Ello all...


About to embark on a new build, will make the fifth Hac in the home and studio. Have two Macbooks as well, still can't beat Apple lappies IMHO. Though I have seen some nice PC laps I would love to OSX'ify. ;)


Main Q is this: I have a SERIOUS Core i7 system I am going to start to build end of next week, with RAID, 12GB RAM, GTX 285 yadda yadda.


Have enough drives to do separate Win 7, Leo and Snow Leo installs (and the room for the drives) but was wondering at this point if anyone's experience with Snow and Pro graphics apps like Final Cut Studio, CS3 (reported working just fine in SL) Cinema 4D and LightWave are stable enough to where I should just ditch 10.5 and go straight with SL for my main install. Even running in 32 bit kernel for compatibility to start.


I want to take the time to set this up right on the latest but if SL is in need of tweaks and lots of patches at this point is 10.5 the better way to go? 64 bit is seducing the nerd in me but I also kow what installing OS'es for 30 years is all about, and at this point I am leaning towards Snow as the test/play with install. Thing is I want to mirror the main drive to a striped RAID to use as primary, so it's more than just a simple move over or basic install.


All this also brings up the upgrade from 10.5x to SL on a Hac. Anyone who coud provide feedback in that regard as well would be great. If it's as clean as running Migration Assistant (for ex), waiting for a bit and then doing that after a 10.6.x update might be the path of least resistance.






Mac Wynn


Jesus says "Use a Mac or go to Dell."

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SL has been so much more stable than Leopard for me, that I think I might scrap my Leopard tomorrow. I've had my machine running 100% flawlessly (GA EP45-UD3R) for over 40 hours now, and it sleeps perfectly, and has every peripheral working without any hiccups. I can't complain haha...

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