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The question everybody's afraid to ask

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Now we already know when Apple is releasing its flagship OS X 10.6 snow leopard.

i know what you thinking, its the eve of the release date and we already have some eager fans or consumers looking for modified version that runs on the popular x86 structure.


but i'm just saying what everybody's thinking

i think with the new opportunities snow leopard brings, in price, performance, space requirement and 64bit support and the likes.

the opportunity exist for some pretty impressive modding as the OS itself.

everybody might have their some wishful thinking on this one, or hopeful for that driver support that never came or was only done halfway or crippled their system in some way.


i know we've seen distros come and go. reputations made and built. patches and fixes discovered and tweaked.

and we all have that special one special distro that was like a blessing because it made perfect love to your machine with its configuration.


i guess in part most of us here and even outside insanelymac are grateful to all the minds, contributions and timeless hours and effort anyone and everyone who has contributed in anyway to the osx86 scene.



before you tell me to go make my own. this is what i've got to say


1. Thanks to the Team Of Hacintosh TOH for leopard RC2 which was my first exposure to the OSx and the best distro for me till to date.

2. Thanks to kalyway and PCWiz respectively for what my rig runs on now

3. The first dude who even attempted this way back in 1984.lol or even thought it possible way back when they were using Motorola chips or something.

4. It'll be great to have something like Boot312/123 thats has supports for snow leopard so that those who wish to support Apple in the process can do so with a retail.

5. The distro is actually small because of snow leopards after install footprint

6. this is a wild card but i'm actually in favor of the no customize button. thats if there's a way for the system to recognize the configuration through device id and vendor id's and install the required drivers.

"thats only because in my experience the higher the N# the distro bored the more fixes and patches that came with them. and the less fault tolerance the base install was. even for users who didn't need those fixes and patches previously had to now use them.

7. there's a clear and simple distinction between the 64bit and 32bit kexts and if possible just one kext that has supports for both architectures, so there'll be lil back and forth on these forums about which kext works for which.


8. lastly A snow leopard live DVD would be the holly grail mainly because the system is supposed to run better and faster and it has a very small hard disk footprint. it could actually be very practical and fun to use. because I'm thinking there would be more space for a ram disk or something of that sort in there.


Thats about it.

please don't shoot the messenger.


if i could make my own distro believe me i would and this is how i'd do it. and not even for the glory

especially N#8.lol


anyway so if you feel the need to say anything about your hopes for the probable osx86 distro then please do so.

a thank you or i can't wait or whatever.

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Be interesting to see how well a distro would work given the # of KPs we're all having on fairly compatible hardware. I've had about a dozen install attempts so far and the farthest in I've managed to get is a KP while creating username, so I've given up on SL for the time being.


Good luck to the distro creators!

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I'm running (so far, knock on wood) flawless installation. I mean LITERALLY FLAWLESS. It's even faster than Leopard. Check out my thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...181903&st=0 A distro would simplify things for people who don't know how to do certain things, but all I really had to do was apply a few kexts, edit a few Info.plists, and compile a DSDT.aml...

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thats what i was thinking but i didnt quit i must have installed snow like 10 TIMES before i got it on working on my ud3p! just got to put in the time...but a distro would be really nice...

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on the new releases some one already said one has been made and hit its second version already

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Yeah but a distro doesn't teach you anything either. Once you install a retail copy and all the fixings, you know more about the hackintosh itself and how to fix it if you ever need to.

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