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  1. Sleep issues with GA-EP45-UD3P

    I have working sleep on my ud3p....it didnt work until I used chameleon rc4...i have no idea why it started working but it did. I run 10.6.2 and have sleepenabler.kext only in my extensions folder. My bios is f9... kexts i use are the latest fakesmc.kext, sleepenabler.kext....i boot with arch=i386 flag....
  2. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Worked for me... but just wanted to add that it didn't work at first since I use some 32 bit kexts but after using arch=i386 boot flag it worked just fine! Thanks Dr. Hurt for the installer...
  3. SOLVED 8800m GTS 512MB SL NO QE/CI

    aty_init.kext <-- Do I need HEX for that under boot? No. Remove your hex string if you are using aty_init.kext
  4. SOLVED 8800m GTS 512MB SL NO QE/CI

    Well i dont know if this is relevant but i have a desktop evga 8800gts and it works with aty_init.kext, and no gfx string at all qe/ci too...its a desktop card, not mobile of course but maybe giveaty_init.kext a try...
  5. I have a EVGA 8800gts (G92) device id 0x060010de and have got it working under 10.6.2 with ATY_init.kext and the original video kexts from 10.6.2: geforce.kext version 1.6.6 nvdanv50hal version nvdaresman.kext version I edited these three kexts info.plists with my specific cards device id 0x060010de. My menubar is translucent so I assume I have QE/CI! The first time I booted with -v -x32 -f and got a blue screen. So I booted into my Leopard partition ( I have 1 hd with snow and leopard on my ud3p) and repaired the permissions for my SNOW kexts: sudo -s chmod -R 755 /Volumes/Snow/System/Library/Extensions/* chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/Snow//System/Library/Extensions/* Then I tried my Snow partition again with -v -x32 and it works! As far as I know I am using the video kexts from 10.6.2 and the 10.6.2 kernel. However I had to delete dsmos.kext and use the newest fakesmc.kext (version 2.5). It also worked for me with only dsmos.kext but I had to use the original snow leopard 10.6 kernel. I hope this helps someone. I am using DVI.
  6. 10.6.1 is out!

    On my ud3p tried updating through software update but that led to a kernel panic when it tried to optimize. Rebooted. Checked about this mac and still said 10.6. Downloaded the 10.6.1 update from apple and installed the package directly and had no kernel panics...now running 10.6.1...
  7. ACPI_SMC_Platform.plugin

    Try removing it...dont know if that will work....the kext is inside the plugins folder of ioplatformpluginfamily.kext...right click on it and show package contents...failing that it could be a gfx issue...what gfx card do you have?
  8. Post your specs please

    Fuctional? Hahaha that is so funny....
  9. mkext needed? I use chameleon rc 1 and dont need or have an mkext in /Extra for either leopard or snow with my ud3p...just saying...maybe i am missing something here? Both boot just fine and great by the way...but i will give it a try...
  10. ACPI_SMC_PlatforPlugin problem

    probably a gfx issue....what video card you have...
  11. Need kexts for

    did you try to boot with -v -x32....or -x perhaps....and post as pic of your kernel panic...you might need legacyjmicronata.kext...
  12. legacyjmicronata.kext...try it! LegacyJMicronATA.kext.zip
  13. did you try legacyjmicronata.kext?-
  14. stuck at AppleIntelCPUManagement

    You know I get the ACPI_SMC error in Leopard 10.5.8 and it boots fine. I also get it in Snow and it boots fine. Hence I assume and am almost certain it is a gfx issue...i would try booting after removing the appropriate video kexts from your snow extensions folder first...if you have ati card remove all kexts that start with ati....if you have a nvidia card remove all geforce kexts, all nvda kexts...back them up though...