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  2. Now we already know when Apple is releasing its flagship OS X 10.6 snow leopard. i know what you thinking, its the eve of the release date and we already have some eager fans or consumers looking for modified version that runs on the popular x86 structure. but i'm just saying what everybody's thinking i think with the new opportunities snow leopard brings, in price, performance, space requirement and 64bit support and the likes. the opportunity exist for some pretty impressive modding as the OS itself. everybody might have their some wishful thinking on this one, or hopeful for that driver support that never came or was only done halfway or crippled their system in some way. i know we've seen distros come and go. reputations made and built. patches and fixes discovered and tweaked. and we all have that special one special distro that was like a blessing because it made perfect love to your machine with its configuration. i guess in part most of us here and even outside insanelymac are grateful to all the minds, contributions and timeless hours and effort anyone and everyone who has contributed in anyway to the osx86 scene. before you tell me to go make my own. this is what i've got to say 1. Thanks to the Team Of Hacintosh TOH for leopard RC2 which was my first exposure to the OSx and the best distro for me till to date. 2. Thanks to kalyway and PCWiz respectively for what my rig runs on now 3. The first dude who even attempted this way back in 1984.lol or even thought it possible way back when they were using Motorola chips or something. 4. It'll be great to have something like Boot312/123 thats has supports for snow leopard so that those who wish to support Apple in the process can do so with a retail. 5. The distro is actually small because of snow leopards after install footprint 6. this is a wild card but i'm actually in favor of the no customize button. thats if there's a way for the system to recognize the configuration through device id and vendor id's and install the required drivers. "thats only because in my experience the higher the N# the distro bored the more fixes and patches that came with them. and the less fault tolerance the base install was. even for users who didn't need those fixes and patches previously had to now use them. 7. there's a clear and simple distinction between the 64bit and 32bit kexts and if possible just one kext that has supports for both architectures, so there'll be lil back and forth on these forums about which kext works for which. 8. lastly A snow leopard live DVD would be the holly grail mainly because the system is supposed to run better and faster and it has a very small hard disk footprint. it could actually be very practical and fun to use. because I'm thinking there would be more space for a ram disk or something of that sort in there. Thats about it. please don't shoot the messenger. if i could make my own distro believe me i would and this is how i'd do it. and not even for the glory especially N#8.lol anyway so if you feel the need to say anything about your hopes for the probable osx86 distro then please do so. a thank you or i can't wait or whatever.
  3. Mac Drive 8 RC1

    Might be a little late on this but on the 5th mediafour released Mac drive 8 RC1 which has windows 7 support http://www.mediafour.com/news/ http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive8/
  4. Oh My God, you're so lost.... you've probably just started using computers even or just one of those people who care less what was going on around them. tell you what pretend you never asked and go read the rest of this forum
  5. Well first of all unless he somehow got the the source code of the iphone OS and complied it for x86, then its unlikely. I personally think he had his friend behind him with an iphone connected with a Video jack to the monitor and they did some really cool choreography. if you read the comments from the original youtube video half the world think its a pretty good fake video made by as it is a post-production company. anyway I'm personally working on a real iphone emulator. any body with in-depth knowledge of the iphone architecture, its booting sequence, ARM, Virtualization and general cocoa writing skills can give me a buzz. so far i've got a few pieces of the puzzle. PM if you want in, can help, and got the time to put into it. its part of a Bigger picture you'll see.... Plus there's no way in hell he had an accelerometer attached to that..
  6. For Sale or Trade

    Well come on lets see the pictures then!!!!!!!!!
  7. It says "Nobody likes a smart-ass" right there on his profile. and i know some people would take sides on this one even those with reputations as long as his. everybody could see that i was trying to correct an issue with both the topic, my rhetoric, my typing. you name it. everybody could see that i was trying too avoid some exchange of words of some sort and revert what i called an epic failure on my part to have people really respond to an issue constructively "Welcome to our forum, and our home". like i'm not a part of that. so i guess you call all those who sign up and take part in this forum as you call it yours merely guest you're accommodating. wonder if thats the right message you want to send out. I didn't mean to disrespect sticMac, My honest apologies if he also didn't mean to disrespect me. in the real world respect is merely earned or lost. so in the end if you read my last post before that, i did say i wanted to redirect all this attention and energy in a different direction. Sorry to have come across other wise.
  8. Well taken, I guess i could say there has been a lot of misconception in this thread. Maybe on the whole issue too. Some on my part, Some from others who passed through. Maybe people would have looked passed all the rhetoric to what i was actually saying, If i took a different route. I'll take the blame for that. An epic mistake on my part. I guess everybody had something to say with every reply, useful, helpful, harsh or not. We all said something... The bottom line is, We love this forum too dam much. We'll shoot down anybody who tries to damnify what we do here. With our backs against the wall we'll swing at anybody who goes at those who made it all possible. The owners, administrators, hackers, dvd makers and geeks who make insanely mac tick. We come here for solutions, hacks, guides and sometimes laughs. We like the way things are and cant control change so we hope change wont happen without us. Its a fair exchange if you come to think of it, A community of mutual benefits. The users, owners, the insanely great hackers and even the Apple Corp itself benefits. If not from each other alone. The community has come a long way, evolved if you may say so. The addition of the osx86 Database has been long awaited and maybe it'll see the community through the coming years. Apple is gradually growing its computer market share. if not in part thanks to the broader apple community Legit or not. But why bother changing that, If wozniak was perfectly happy with earlier pc's he wouldn't have attempted the apple, if you guys were perfectly happy with windows and your various rigs (not saying there's anything wrong with them). I'm just saying you craved for more if not something different, half of the community yes are just end users like me. So what i'll do is 1. Re-write my original post to make sure it conveys the right message. without the rhetoric and errors, and on a calmer more thoughtful informed note. So that People will at least look past all that and can actually suggest other additions, knowing well that we're in no position to do anything about it than voice it out. 2. Take the suggestions to as you pointed out to the makers of Invision Power Board 3. Put it issue to rest plus i think you also need a little pointing out. Being naive enough to think that i don't natively speak english. if there should be such a characterization put to it. and those esthetic enough to claim the english language as their own (natively) lol
  9. Just So You know I think a whole lot faster than i write or in this case type. it doesn't take a Genius to realize they are just errors from slowing down your thoughts gathering them to actually saying them. Sometimes its like i've already typed the dam thing when i haven't. don't worry if you were the smart type you'd know that. Funny how you could look past all the relevant information to Scrutinize where I'm from and my spell check. you're just an Idiot who knows how to use Leopards inbuilt spell feature well, Spare us your Egoistic {censored} "oh See That Was Spelt Correctly" But Then again i never said I didn't like this forum and i was some outsider, coming to Point out your Flaws. OSX86 has been one of the greatest Help I've had ever, No Doubt Don't Take it personally but You Guys Are Making Idiots Of Yourselves With Every Post and Me Doing This Is Just My personal Typing style, wasn't following any norm or convention. like i needed to! Go {censored} Yourself and Write me a Poem if you feel so strongly about the english language and its constructs P.S The Bad GuY plus your name is CheapMac, thats like glorifying that fact that you're cheap on a forum that helps you as you put it "just not {censored} to people who are A ) Managing an entire website for hundreds of thousands of users to date, hosting information which is B ) illegal to distribute, and C ) doing it literally out of the kindness of their hearts". dude literally from the bottom of their hearts its people like you they hope they are not helping. Plus I think we also need cascading Replies so that, if you find a reply not so helpful or relevant it could just be folded up and leave more room for the rest of the thread.
  10. Surprisingly Only Those With Huge Signatures Tend To want to get at me. after it took me a while to scroll thru all those Signatures to the Insulting parts In the end you Guys had noffin New to say. So Because This Is raising a lot of the needed attention but for the wrong reason and in the wrong Direction. I'm Taking to posting only in the one thats in its appropriate section. thats because there's no delete thread button anywhere. Seeing as it is you guys were just Waiting for someone to Have a kinda exchange of words with. and might have been bored with the community till i came by. I'm Used To Helpful and Useful Criticisms. But so far none of you guys have made a Helpful addition to the whole topic besides tell me to go create my own and that you like it the way it is. and I'm clueless as to what I'm even suggesting. I'm Gonna Leave you With This, I'm sure you'll be able to relate and I hope it Gets nore plays than The other video in the other thread.lol "Early In Life I Had Learnt That If You Want Something You Better Make Some Noise"--Malcom X Which Is Coincedentally Going To be The Header For My Next POST I Hope I Could Have Quoted The Text Preceding that line, It adds the needed Effect. anyway See you Guys In The original Thread or Latter POST's. Wont Even Bother With You Guys Here, Not Now!!! And Don't think i didn't intentionally Post That Link, For that Effect you're gonna Give me.
  11. I'm No Noob, No i'm ok i got all the help i need, and i'm gonna google it if i need some more All Of A sudden I'm The Bad Guy , lol. Anyway I'm not hear to do that Whole "Say Hello To The bad Guy" Speech because clearly like you said I wont achieve whatever i came to do. thats what i want to focus more, sorry if it came out the wrong way. Thats Because everybody is focusing on my word play and not exactly at what i'm saying. But The Point Is The creating of a Forum based Website could be so much easier to Use, for the end user. after all making information easier to convey isn't that the whole point. I Agree about the search engine part put i think they are are fully aware of that, but people would Find more Useful if they come to see Post in threads in a more fluid manner. only content drive post not Accompanied by Users Individual Signatures. and there Shouldn't be a whole Encompassing Box reserved for one lined posts, because their mini-card requires it And What about Replacing the "Quote", "Top", "Reply" Buttons with universally understood icons at the right Side of the post rather than interrupting the Fluid Flow i'm talking of. What makes This Forum different from others is, here There's a real Community of people helping each other. around one focal point. Thus Where The OSX Community Means much more another Forum. People Know Each others names, Like Herker Here, JaSSer and Others. We laugh at Noobs for posting Silly Questions and point them in the right direction. we'll Shoot down any In the End What I'm saying its lacking the basic Social Networking features that would otherwise make getting things done faster. especially an in house simple Chat Feature. you'll find people would be able to help others better that way than post after post. and only leave post for helpful guiding post. because i Know For a Fact Noobs don't get any attention in the various IRC Chat Rooms lol. The reality is that A newer and improved Forum based website is just a few months or even years away and it will eventually replace this one. its just the ability to see it before it happens that Separates the mere users from those who really think differently and change things Question is would the site Administrators wait for this to be designed by someone who clearly knows little about the user experience when it comes to Forums. only to go buy the template and Use it like every one else, mobile phone forums etc you name it or would they want to Be that change that People Would Talk of and hope to eventually see by Re-thinking the way Forum based websites are developed They could all still just wait for Someone else to design it and probably use it to compete with them. which i'm not saying should happen. anyway I'm not here to Pick a Bone with the Admins or the members of this forum, basically taking the first steps in letting them know There's a problem that could need fixing. so Unless you have a Genius suggestion as to how this can be done........
  12. Let Me Slow Down The Tempo A Bit, Because It looks Like People Are getting me wrongly I get what you're saying, and i know A theme Wouldn't necessarily make a site better but i didn't mean that either as i know Ajax, Php and Ruby are all Programming Languages. if i didn't put it right i meant Re-writing this Website from scratch. using more other Responsive languages, and Incorporating more web Applications. to make the user experience more Fluid Not just merely an Interface change I don't know how you do it But Wouldn't it be Great If There Was an RSS Feature for reply of post so that people would instinctively know what topics replies just came in. "But Not Just On The Front page News Screen" which is almost hidden by the way and I Know A Lot of people would Appreciate it if Individual Signatures were Void of the main post so that People know where one content specific post Starts and another ends. and what about cascading a lot of the "Reply", "Top", "Quote" Buttons to their Feeds and Maybe a Simple Comment Box at the End Of the Thread. Kinda like the way Facebook Does their Status update Plus i've noticed post that are even one line in length get, One Huge Post Box to emcompass the User's min-card and Status What I'd like To say is forum design has come a way, from looking at the way the first OSX86 Wiki project has evolved into This, there's Gotta be a next step What makes This Forum different from others is, here There's a real Community of people helping each other. around one focal point. Thus Where The OSX Community Means much more another Forum. People Know Each others names, Like Herker Here, JaSSer and Others. We laugh at Noobs for posting Silly Questions and point them in the right direction. we'll Shoot down any In the End What I'm saying its lacking the basic Social Networking features that would otherwise make getting things done faster. especially an in house simple Chat Feature. you'll find people would be able to help others better that way than post after post. and only leave post for helpful guiding post. because i Know For a Fact Noons don't get any attention in the various IRC Chat Rooms and Why not it Be Designed By People Who Understand the value of genius simplifying the user experience with practical Changes To the way the web site was created. not just interface Tweaks and themes, we already have that i'm talking of a complete overhaul, Building a forum from the ground up. Thats What i meant its is a generic Template These forums Created By someone Being used by all But I'm just saying it could have been so much better and easier to use. and i'm not just talking interface changes, but real programming changes to how the website works to improve the user experience. for one take away the individual Signatures and put the Post in a more fluid way so that people see what is real relevant. to their topic. seeing as it being an informative website you need to remove all the clutter I don't think Two separate forums would cut it, just take a look at the first OSX86 forum and How helpful it was till this one came along and how helpful it is, why separate them. and i think its less of a noob issue. People would figure it out in time and get along fine, But Accepting it couldn't have been better...... and I never Claim to know much about design but i could tell you good and practical designing when i see one. I might get some term wrong but you guys know what i mean. might have been a little thoughtless with my word play but you guys know what i meant. plus i'm taking your suggesting into consideration but I just Thought I'd Tell the people in the position to do something about it right now first.
  13. Just Wanted The Issue To be taken Seriously, and seriously i'm beginning to think you're on the Boards payroll
  14. What about the Web Site Designing elements like Ajax, PHP, Ruby on Rails. plus i think a Mac User Would Know the importance of Practically Using Visuals or Other elements to make The User Experience more Fulfilling. After-all thats been the trade mark of the Mac Right
  15. Re-writing the original post... so please hold on with subsequent replies....