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What is Input Remapper?

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First, I'd just like to say that we're happy to be hosting Input Remapper in the X Labs! For those who don't know, Input Remapper is an essential app for anyone who dual boots their Apple laptop.


As Beliyaal explains on his site, "I developed and began using this program a couple of years ago. At the time I was changing to the Dvorak keyboard layout and while I was at it I decided that I might as well create an optimal layout. The resulting layout required secondary fn-keys and other stuff that was not possible with the usual keyboard dlls found in Windows. In the end I couldn't be bothered to maintain and install custom keyboard layouts so I just remap my layout to the Swedish keyboard to maintain maximum compatibility with other applications such as Remote Desktop and X-Windows."


The Layout


The current version detects a MacBook Pro keyboard under Windows XP and lets the user configure some options. It is possible to bind ctrl+left-click to right-click, but I didn't want to do that for compatibility reasons so this is bound to fn+left-click instead. Currently keyboard backlight cannot be controlled. This utility works together with apple brightness and eject app (Brightness.exe and AppleCDEject.exe), but also works without them. To control the screen backlight BootCamp drivers are needed.


Keys bound on MacBook Pro:


* The default keypad like in OSX. This includes num-lock functionality

* fn+Left Click = Right Click

* fn+Backspace = Delete

* fn+Eject = PrintScreen

* fn+F1 = Decrease Brightness

* fn+F2 = Increase Brightness

* fn+F3 = Toggle Mute

* fn+F4 = Decrease Volume

* fn+F5 = Increase Volume

* fn+F6 = Toggle Num-Lock

* fn+Up = Page Up

* fn+Down = Page Down

* fn+Left = Home

* fn+Right = End

* Eject = Eject all optical discs

* Enter = Right mouse button


We'll be keeping this forum updated with all the latest betas, so check back here often. All support related questions, bugs, etc. can be posted in each release's thread. Thanks!

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Wow, it's great to see how successful this tool has become from the first Alpha version. There's so many postings now, it's outrageous.


Thanks again for making our lives so much better by enabling us to use these awesome Mac's with Winblows. I've made the swicth and will never return.


Keep up the spectacular work!

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