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Stereo Upmix / Speaker Fill / Stereo to 5.1 [HOW TO ON A MAC]

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Right. Basically I bought a nice but cheap 5.1 (6 channel) USB External soundcard for my MacBook and when it came, I plugged it in to find it could only do what the headphone port could do...output stereo sound (2 channels).


I spent ages trying loads of methods using things like 'AU Lab', 'MPlayer OSX Extended' and even experimented with XP but what I wanted was my Mac to play my stereo files through all my speakers with whatever program I chose and easily.


The system I used is as follows: USB Soundcard --> 2 x 2.1 speaker systems and 1 x large subwoofer (From some old home surround system DVD thing haha). So I needed a way to make the stereo play on all channels. Ill write this so anyone can follow it, don't feel patronized if you're a geek :). This is how it's done.


Download 'Jack for Mac' http://www.jackosx.com/


1.) Install 'Jack' and reboot (sorry guys you have to! - BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!)

2.) Open up 'JackPilot' from the 'Jack' folder in 'Applications'.

3.) In the Jack Preferences set the 'Interface' to what your speakers are connected to (For me it was USB Soundcard)

4.) Set the virtual input and outputs the same as the ones for the 'Interface' device

5.) Open 'Audio MIDI Setup' (Just search it in Spotlight - CMD+SPACE or whatever)

6.) Properties for: JackRouter

7.) Configure Speakers --> Using the drop-downs, set which output for which speaker. Click the name (e.g. Right Front) for a sound test for each speaker. Get everything set up exactly how you need it. Click 'Done' then re-open it (Click 'Configure Speakers' again)

8.) Open your desired music/video player or game whatever and get some sound playing. I used iTunes.

9.) Go to 'JackPilot' and click 'Start'. Wait and then click 'Routing'

10.) Leave 'System' alone (I don't dare {censored} with that system {censored} or I know i'll ruin something ahha) but choose the application by pressing the drop down arrow (Once again, for me it was iTunes)

11.) Depending on what you're playing and what program you're using, you should have some outputs labelled as 'out1' 'out2' etc etc. These represent channels. Select out1.

12.) Drop-down arrow for 'System' in the SECOND column This is where your situation might differ, but for me, I chose (by double-clicking) 'playback_2,3,6'. (2 and 6 are side speakers, 3 is sub)

13.) For out2 choose the remaining 'playback's'. DO NOT CHOOSE ONES YOU HAVE NOT SET IN AUDIO MIDI SETUP. If you do, you get odd sounds hmmm


The reason I said to re-open 'Speaker Configuration' in AMS was to make selecting output easier as it is shown in the diagram what is what.




Close JackPilot (I CMD+Q'd it and it still worked)


Any Questions - Ask and/or PM


THANKS. I do hope this helps..it took me so long to get this working.

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I've only joined this forum to say thank you sir.. you have saved my day (and my following days i'll listen to my music ;))


a quick upgrade: if you want to see jack router in audio midi setup jack pilot has to be running! by running i mean you have to press "start"


*really liked the quiz part after joining though, any more of that? =D*

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I think I might be missing something here. Maybe someone can help. So, I have a 5.1 system that I am trying to make play "5 channel stereo". I DL Jack, followed instructions to a tee, but still no sound out of all speakers.


The only thing that happens different for me than with the above instructions happens with this part:


"0.) Leave 'System' alone (I don't dare {censored} with that system {censored} or I know i'll ruin something ahha) but choose the application by pressing the drop down arrow (Once again, for me it was iTunes)"


-When I press the drop down arrow, there's nothing there. I have tried it with both VLC player and iTunes.

Any help/suggestions/clarification would be appreciated.


In the MIDI setup, I did have sound coming out of all speakers when I configured/tested the speakers so I know that they could work.

here are my specs:



Intel 2.8 GHz


have latest iTunes version too.


I have been scouring the webs for weeks trying to find a solution to this problem. This is the first place I've found with real answers so I hope we can get this figured out.


Thanks in advance!

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