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  1. got EP45-DS3L almost fully working!

    hi geithals, thanks for coming up with that again i would appreciate if you could upload your Extra folder (with dsdt, boot.plist, smbios.plist, kexts inside) and the two S/L/E kexts (sleep enabler and applertc) i tried sleep enabler and patched as well as snow-leo-rolled-back applertc kext before but that only solved the cmos reset issue, not the sleep problems i am also interested in your bios settings, maybe i just missed a tick, could you please post them (screenshots or text, anything is welcome ) right now i'm running in 64bit mode, system is going to sleep in hibernate only, but often when i wake it up, which is pretty fast, it corrupts my usb audio card (just some cheap behringer stuff), theres stuttering and strange noises, like usb wakeup is incorrect i would like to have real sleep working, but i don't like to give up 64bit (especially because i thought about getting more than 4gigs of RAM) on the other hand, i found this one: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/344/2678 which says, lion is not as stable as SL and 64bit needs much more RAM as 32bit, but is only slightly faster then ... they also found out about worse performance of Final Cut Pro in Lion (especially in 64bit), don't know if its just related to Final Cut because i feel my SnowLeopard was more stable and as fast as my Lion i also think about reverting back to snow leopard and wait until apple brings out a really new OS and not that VISTA-like {censored} packed with bugs and some beauty stuff heard about many people even having problems with sleep in lion on normal macbooks (2008-2011) i think i will try it again soon and report back here then, hope to get some files from you lars
  2. got EP45-DS3L almost fully working!

    i got a gtx 275 and its working perfect with graphics enabler, i already tried what you said, only one sata drive with mac osx and mouse+keyboard (usb receiver) are connected to the mainboard i tried different dsdts and bootloaders, also the one from tonymacs db and 2 which i made myself with autopatcher / dsdtfixer the system is more stable/faster with kakewalk, 4.1.1 installation was pretty easy, download kakewalk - choose usb drive/ lion dmg/ mainboard and thats all - reboot - install lion - then reboot and there you are i am messing around with that stuff for some days now, think i am fed up with it, since my hdd is a velociraptor and i can go hibernate i will use that instead, needs 15seconds so boot up then, sometimes there are power failures in my house, so maybe the best way for me i think i will wait a while and then get a fully compatible board and a i5 or something like that and by the way, you dont have 64bit, look in your system profiler 64bit kernel and extensions are not loaded, because your boot.plist loads arch=i386 which is in fact the 32bit kernel i am wondering about that, since you use 64bit hpet and your sleep is working, whatever thanks for your help
  3. Lion+P45-UD3LR Sleep=Reboot

    thats a bad answer rayap, probably something is wrong yeah, else it would be working, thats right aha, i tried several dsdts for ds3l as well as ud3l and i also did 2 myself with dsdtfixer and autopatcher i always get the problem with booting instead of wakeup, thats how it ends up, i am looking for people who know how they solved exactly that behaviour - anyone? maybe wrong bios settings? azalia and lan disabled, hpet in 64 bit mode, sata mode is ahci and sata ports 0-3 in native mode
  4. got EP45-DS3L almost fully working!

    hi geithals, thx for your info, i tried it exactly like you said 1) install on lion partition using kakewalk - worked perfect (i partitioned my drive like you, 1gb cham partition and the rest for lion) 2) boot up into lion through kakewalk installed bootloader (still on lion partition) 3) install chameleon svn2.1 rev1505 to cham partition - no problem 4) get blackosx support files 1.4.7 from here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=180954 5) put the smbios.plist, dsdt.aml, org.chameleon.boot.plist from blackosx support files in the Extra Folder on the cham partition 6) create an "Extensions" folder in the Extra folder on the cham partition and put the fakesmc and orangeiconfix kexts in there 7) ticked all boxes in the energy save preference pane 8) deleted boot file and Extra Folder from Lion partition (its all on cham now) 9) reboot from the cham partition works perfect now when i try to sleep, it puts the machine to sleep but when i wake it up again, it just boots (WITH CMOS RESET) are the support files i am using correct? i saw the arch=i386 flag in the chameleon.boot.plist - is that correct youre using only 32bit mode? dont you get a cmos reset? what bios settings are you using? native mode on sata port 0-3 enabled or not? i checked for AHCI mode and HPET = 64bit mainly, i dont use onboard sound, too, thats why i disabled it, like ethernet, also disabled i am using ud3l instead of ds3l, but its only material differences, its practically the same mobo, blackosx said that before, they analyzed the dsdt.dsl to find out about that any tricks left for me?
  5. got EP45-DS3L almost fully working!

    did anybody get sleep fully working in lion ?! i have also a problem with waking the machine up, either it boots up instead of waking or it just instantly wakes after i put it to sleep ....
  6. Lion+P45-UD3LR Sleep=Reboot

    i have the exactly same problem on ga-ep45-UD3L i had the exactly same errors when compiling dsdt under mac, it worked perfectly on windows, when i use the resulting dsdt.aml in EXTRA folder, the computer sounds like its sleeping for a millisecond, then instantly wakes up, console shows my usb mouse+keyboard as reason (yes i ticked all boxes in energy save preferences) it doesnt matter wether i push the power button or use the apple menu option for sleep but interesting is: when i disconnect my usb mouse+keyboard and push power button, the system seems to sleep, but when i want to wake it again by power button it just boots up, as if it has been shutdown instead of sleeping (when i try to wake it by connected mouse+keyboard again, nothing happens) i dont know what to try, any ideas? already applied the RTC patch, but that only stops cmos from resetting
  7. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    hi there, i have a ga-ep45-ud3l tried dsdt.aml from blackosx (should be compatible although for ep45-ds3l) and dsdt.aml for ep45-ud3l (bios f9, which is mine) from tonymacs database they work like a charm (i only have chimera and fakesmc installed), no PCIRootUID fix needed anymore, shutdown, restart, everything is working, except for sleep, when i put the machine to sleep through apple menu, it sounds like its sleeping for a millisecond but instantly waking up again, restoring to a normal system then, console says "USB RECEIVER" which is my mouse+keyboard woke it up, when i put the machine to sleep with mouse and directly after clicking disconnect the usb-receiver for mouse+keyboard it sleeps (or at least it acts like it would sleep) but when i connect mouse+keyboard again, computer won't wake up, and pushing power button makes the machine boot like it was switched off instead of sleeping, help would be appreciated, the last thing i need working on my hackmac thx send_me.zip
  8. [question]10.7 installation on Cartri modified BIOS

    you are all talking about problems when the hack wakes up again, im not even getting it to sleep .... i am using a gigabyte ep45 ud3l rev. 1.0 with a cartri bios (which worked perfect on snow leo - even sleep) i installed lion through a [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] boot stick with the app store download changes to the installation i've done: - chimera installation - no Extensions folder in Extra (only boot plist with PCIRootUID=1, darkwake=0 npci=0x2000 and Generate States) - atherosfix.kext for enabling my wifi - fakesmc, ioblockstorageinjector, AHCI3rdPartySATA, JMicron36xATA - and I'm using the iousbfamily and iousbmassstorageclass kexts from 10.6.8 - now my bt-dongle gets detected right (i get the controllers will be unloaded across sleep message on -v boot, don't know if its important) when i put the hack to sleep from the apple menu, it shuts down the hdds (I'm hearing it), then the graphics card fans get noisy, then the display instantly reverts to a {censored}ed up frozen login screen or it just stays black, anybody ideas? i already tried sleep enabler, does not work for me, and i already have the apple-rtc patch applied (also tried it with the applertc next from snow leo, does not work too)
  9. thanks a lot works like a dream
  10. ATI x19x0 snow leopard driver

    thx for all your driver stuff empty skull, used your drivers from 10.5.6 to 10.5.8 now i am stuck at snow leopard your script doesn't work for me with 7244 / 1002 (i've got a sapphire ati x1950xt) don't know why, no resolutions, snow leo does not detect the card in system profiler is there any hint left before i buy a new card ? i am using a MSI Neo2 FR with Kabyl 1.8 modded Bios it's running fine on snow leopard except only one core on core 2 duo
  11. New driver for video card ATI x1xx ( BETA version )

    nice, it helped me, got my x1950xt working by installing the 10.5.7 beta script driver by empty skulls, first it messed up my everything totally, i only had black screen and graphical errors, then i booted in safe mode and installed the 10.5.6 kexts by empty skull after one reboot i have everything working now: full CI / QE, Resolutions, DUAL-Monitor, Mirroring thanks a lot