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One of the common issues with OSX86 installs tends to be ACPI - people have a hard time getting their fans or CPUs to throttle, or often they can't sleep/wake properly. Unfortunately information on these various problems and solutions is scattered all across the forum, making it quite difficult to gather this information. This post is intended as a central posting place for everyone who has or has had ACPI problems of any kind, where they can post their kexts, solutions, and fixes. I'll try and catalogue them at the top here.






- your first troubleshooting tool is "pmset". From the command prompt run "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode X" where X is 0,1,3, 5, or 7. This sets what your computer does when it receives the "sleep"command:

0 - suspend to RAM (S3 sleep)

1 - suspend to Hard Disk ("hibernate")

3 - "Safe Sleep", suspend to RAM with a backup copy on HDD in case of power fail

5 - same as 1 but for secure memory

7 - same as 3 but for secure memory

Particularly when posting to a forum, you want to specify whether your problem is with S3 or hibernate, because they're two totally different processes.


- some people have problems because of kext dependencies. Go to System Profiler -> Extensions. Each extension will tell you if it has any unmet dependencies. Make sure that all kexts' dependencies are "satisfied."


- some models of ACER are reported to wake more reliably if you set a Hard Drive password in BIOS. No idea why this works, but apparently it does. Don't ask me, I don't have an ACER :rolleyes: .


- Try the Voodoopower kexts! They did nothing for me, but SuperHai has saved a lot of ACPI asses with it! :)




- Install the IntelEnhancedSpeedstep kext. It works wonders.

- Try VoodooPower kexts.





- VoodooPower

- Check your dependencies - especially for PS/2 and ACPI kexts.

- The built in AppleACPIPlatform.kext handles this for me, along with Powermanagement.bundle. Make sure your AppleACPIPlatform version matches the rest of your OS, or try some of the alternates posted on this board:






- Many Compaq C700 models seem to sleep and wake fine, but on wake their CPU and fan throttling doesn't work.




Submit your resources, problems and solutions and I'll add them to the page!

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the most advanced way of fixing ACPI problems is to edit DSDT ( part of BIOS)

and to flash the edited BIOS or override the old DSDT Table with a DSDT.aml and a capable Bootloader.

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