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  1. Inspiron Duo

    Yeah, all I know is that it runs on an Intel Atom 1.66 Ghz, and that it was incredibly awesome to use. it has dual touch (not multi touch, just dual touch. guess they had to get around the apple patent). Don't Atoms have integrated graphics on-chip? I'm sure with as many Atoms that are out there right now, there's bound to be some kexts already out there. The current Inspiron Mini runs on an Atom N450, so until I see it next I'm just going to assume it runs on that.
  2. Inspiron Duo

    I know this laptop hasn't even come out yet, but I've got a friend that works at Dell and they sent him home from a conference with one of these babies to show his friends, and I was lucky to be one of those. This thing is amazing, just google it. I love the tablet functionality but it keeps the productivity with the keyboard. The only problem? It's got Windows on it. I'm wondering how easy it would be to get Mac OS X on it. Obviously it's got an Atom processor in it, and Intel graphics. I'll ask him if he knows any other specs on it but I doubt he'll know (he's just in marketing) I've never successfully installed Mac OS X on a PC (last time I tried was on a Compaq Presario SR2011WM, and never even got to the install screen because of a "Waiting on Root Device" message), so while I want to buy this and try to install the Mac OS on it, I'm not sure how well that endeavor is going to work out.
  3. Free Alternative to Coolbook?

    Haha... Well I tried a crack of it and it seemed to work REALLY well. But still, I'd like to find one that's free, 'cuz this one doesn't seem to work all THAT well, 'cuz it doesn't give me all the options for voltage. It gives me down to .95V, but iStat is telling me it's going down to .85V... EDIT: Whoops! I didn't mean to say "My computer run slower"... I think I was tired XD I think I meant I didn't MIND it being a little slower, as long as I get more battery life
  4. iPhone tethering in snow64

    How much RAM did you have in the first place?? RAM isn't really that expensive anymore. I'm running SL on my Early 2008 Macbook White, the one that's considered slower because of the Intel Graphics. Snow Leopard is twice as fast for me than Leopard in general. I haven't tried it out in 32-bit yet. My MacBook has 2GB of RAM, which these days isn't all that much. 4GB is becoming a standard, 8GB is awesome if your motherboard supports it, and 16GB is when it starts being ridiculous. I remember when having 2GB was ridiculous....
  5. Free Alternative to Coolbook?

    I stumbled across the app called "Coolbook", and I've read some REALLY good reviews on it--but honestly, I'm a teenager and I can't even afford the $10 for it Does anyone know of a free alternative to it? Underclocking sounds like a great idea, I'm always looking for something to up my battery life and have my computer run slower... I'm kinda tired of hearing my fans roar all the times. I've even disabled Flash!
  6. I'm kind-of-ish starting a project on writing/compiling/whatever-you-want-to-call-it a Linux 'distro' that sets aside hard disk space and installs an Operating system in that space. At the same time, the drivers the guest-OS uses would be the same for every computer the Linux OS ran on, and I chose Linux because of its versatility and its ability to use very little CPU time, as well as the many drivers that are available for it. I thought asking here might be a good start, as one of the main operating systems I'd like to try on it is Mac OS X. Another thing I was considering is making it a LiveCD, and have it be able to simply read the data already on the hard drives and run two OS'es side by side. Any thoughts....?
  7. iMac Silver crashing while gaming (xp). Get fix here.

    This doesn't belong in the OS X forum. It belongs in the Windows Discussion forum.
  8. Multi-touch on Mid-2008 Macbooks?

    Does "Multi-Touch" include the Macbooks that supported two-finger scrolling/right-clicking? Somewhere else said the "Early '08 Models".
  9. On the Apple website it says that Snow Leopard supports Multi-touch on 'older' Macbooks and Macbook Pro's. It says you can change it in System Preferences, but I still have yet to find it. Is it only going to be present in the final build, maybe?
  10. Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    Uh. What? Hi-res codecs? Windows did not support it itself, you could download apps that supported it. And yeah, it was 'multi-core optimized' if you were on a computer with 8 cores and they were all overclocked. 64 bit kernel, maybe, but drivers, no. You could not find ANY. You couldn't find any (or at least very many) programs that ran on 64-bit either. The problem with Windows and Linux is that nothing is unified, which makes finding things that work without fail a very hard endeavor. Sure, Windows was 'ahead', but no one ever said it did the same job very well. The transition to 64-bit is probably going to be a lot more smooth with Snow Leopard. Even transitioning from PPC was pretty smooth, because of Rosetta. I'm sure they thought of something to transition from 32- to 64-bit. They always do.
  11. I'm thinking it was the Legacy Boot option I tried to use, like this: <key>"Legacy Boot"</key> <string>Yes</string> Either it was an invalid argument or I wasn't supposed to use the quotations... Either way I ended up just reinstalling the whole system.
  12. I can't even get into single-user mode, is there a way I can use the terminal in the DVD to try and fix it? Thanks in advance for any help...
  13. ACPI (Sleep/Wake, PM) Problems and Solutions Central

    Voodoopower.kext caused my kernel to panic D: just thought it would be noteworthy. (And I'm running on a voodoo kernel, too...)
  14. When I had the 10.5.7 ver. with the Voodoo kernel (still do, actually) sleep only turned off the hard drives, not the graphics. Now sleep causes the computer to just hang and it won't "wake up", even though it never actually gets to sleep mode. I'm running on a 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4 processor, ATi Radeon 9600 graphics (that are choppy), and using a Logitech Speakerphone as my sound source (which is a vanilla kext so I don't have to worry about it). I'd like sleep to work but the computer is being used as my server so it isn't all that important, I was just wondering if there was a way to prevent it from hanging when it tries to sleep besides disabling sleep everywhere--it's useful every once in a while. It should be noteworthy that installing AppleIntelCPUPM.kext neither hindered nor helped this problem.
  15. I installed with the iAtkos v7 DVD, and after hunting for some graphics kexts and changing some plists, I got everything to work pretty smoothly. I updated to 10.5.8 (from 10.5.7) and now when I tell it to sleep it just hangs. Once before I had installed a "SleepDisabler.kext" and it made my kernel panic. Has anyone had success updating to 10.5.8 from a Voodoo kernel and be able to get sleep back?