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Hey. Sorry if I'm being a total n00b or I'm missing something, but I submitted a post a while back and it never appeared in the forum. I know you guys have an approval thing going on, but I did a search for my particular hardware and I didn't get any helpful results. Specifically, I'm asking about the nVidia GTX 285. I thought that if my post was denied, I would at least get a PM or something saying so. I'm wondering if anyone is even looking at the post queue... Also, when I first posted, the forum glitched up a little. I wasn't sure that my post went through, but I didn't want to look like a spammer so I left it alone for a while, to see if it would appear. When it didn't I assumed that the post wasn't submitted properly so I reposted with the same content. But it's been at least a couple weeks and I haven't seen anything. Oddly, my posts appear when I search for things posted by me, but I can't look at them. Anyway, again I'm sorry if I'm being a pain, but I didn't find anything helpful so I was just posting to get a clear answer - yes or no...

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The nVidia subforum is under moderation so that we must approve each new topic. Replies in existing topics are allowed. The moderation queue has been neglected for the past while so it will take a while before we are able to catch up on it. Unfortunately I can't say how long it will take before we are ontop of it again. As I've said before there is going to be a refresh in the staff so once that is done we may be able to get round to it. If you have any forum issues the best bet is to contact some of the more active admins such as Ed or ComplexMind. They will then be able to get round to fixing the issue.



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