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Kernel Error

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hi. iv been having this kernel error on iatkos v7 10.5.7 . the exact same kernel error also came on iPC 10.5.6. the difference being that in 10.5.6 the installation wud get completed and in booting i wud get this error. but now in 10.5.7 the installation stops in the middle and i get this kernel panic. don't know what to do.


My specs:

asus m2n-ms se plus (its compatible as someone else managed to install, but that guy hasn't responded as yet)

amd x2 5200+ 2.8 ghz

2 gb ddr2

onboard nvidia 6100 w/ 256 shared

250 gb sata. 80 gb ide.


so cud this error be a result of wrong selections in the customization during installation?




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Install osx with iPC, so you can install.


After install, boot your HD, and when the countdown starts, press F8, and type:

-v -f -y -x cpus=1

and press enter.

Post your results here

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I just about have the exact same hardware.


Asus M2N-MX Se Plus


Athlon 64 X2 5000+


Nvidia GeForce 95000 GT


I am unable to get iPC to install. I tried the combinations of -v -f -y -x cpus=1. I am unable to get this thing going. Help Please!!

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Try Kalyway. It's old but is much better compatible with AMD systems



I've tried that as well, and iDeneb. I get the infamus "Still waiting for root device" on all distros. I know what is going on. I have posted the issue http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=267990. I have not herd back about the fix. I found out that I may need to Get AT LEAST PPF 1. Burning that now. Hope that will work.

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-v -f -y -x cpus=1


-y does nothing with the Voodoo Kernel. Here's the Voodoo Kernel manual:



If you want to force an FSB value use the fsb= flag or SMexternalclock in /extra/smbios.plist.


According to a quick google an Athlon 64 X2 5000+ is 2600 MHz, has a 13x multiplier and200MHz FSB.


Try busratio=13.

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Still waiting for root device means there is no driver loaded for the controller that your hard drive is attached to, or (if you're lucky) that the BIOS settings for it are wrong.


Find out what make/model hardware it is and if there is a driver for it. If this is happening to you, it has happened to others with the same hardware as well. Use the forum search or google whith the make/model of your hard drive controller or motherboard southbridge as search term.

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I was able to boot into the installation by using Hazard. Thanks for your help. I will probably install it tomorrow. On another note. Does Mac use linux's fstab? Does Mac recognizes Linux's JFS? I might install it on my home file server. Not sure. It has 3 partition. 1st is swap, 2nd the OS and any installed software, and 3rd my stored files. Speaking of swap. Can Mac use one partition just for the swap file? I am a virgin when it comes to macs.

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