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Firewire soundcard in the middlerange pricelist.

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I'm looking for a firewire soundcard in the middlerange price from 200 to 400 euros to use

with garageband / logic express 7.2 unibin into 10.4.4.


-> my PC is SSE2 p4 nothwood 2.8 Ghz /512 RAM - ASUS P4B266 MB.


The HCL in the wiki speaks about edirol FA-101 full working in osx86 10.4.3, but nothing

about 10.4.4 -> 10.4.6... so i need your experience !


I was initialy ported to the usb M-AUDIO sound track pro but i spoke with a dealer from my town

who say to me to go with a firewire soudcard... and think that EDIROL products are more efficient than

M-AUDIO ones (sound, drivers, built)


The edirol web page about FA-66 specify a firewire IEEE1394A (400 Mo/s) compatible port or pci card

withTexas Instrument chip recommanded....


So i found an ADS tech (Texas Instrument chip) firewire/pci card (my machine doesn't have firewire port)

made for digital video acquisition, and was recognized by my 10.4.4 without any problem, and also recognized as a firewire network port with hardware adress (???)


but i don't have anything to plug into to test it full...

It's called PYRO basic DV and it's a 3 firewire external ports pci 2.1 card.

( IEEE1394 card : PYRO 1394DV 3 ports, OHCI compatible)


The cards : the dealer thinks the edirol FA-66 or FA-101 are less "cheaper" than the M-audio products.

I know the M-Audio / Edirol products are not the best compare to others more expensives pro firewire cards,

but i don't have money enough to pay more than 400 euros for....


So what do you think about the edirol FA serie for the sound, the drivers (apparently, no driver needed

under OSX /osx86 : uses coreaudio and coremidi...all right ?), the usability.... It's not to product an album, only to make demos and to compose music in my home studio....


....and about the firewire ADS extension card ?


Thanks for your help and your comments !

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This is probably overkill, and way too expensive for your budget, but I use the Mackie Onyx line of mixers, for which you can buy a $400 firewire card for. The mixers are nice because they output all 16 channels, plus a L/R mixdown, AND you can pipe audio from the computer back into the main mix using the card. It uses core audio, and is quite nice. I'm running a recording studio on an intel iMac with it, and it runs beautifully. Even the 12 channel mixer is $529.99 from B&H, and that's not including the firewire card. It's a bit expensive if all you need is a 1ch audio interface, but it's extremly nice for podcasting, as it gives you individual channels to edit, so if someone coughs you can easily edit it out.

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