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[Chameleon Install 3.0][Windows install Chameleon]

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Windows install Chameleon



1.this Program is windows install Chameleon 2.0 RC1~

2.support Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7

3.support english language

4.inoperation mbr,easy Unstall

5.Chameleon support booting Windows,Linux,Mac OSX

6.Chameleon "no hfs partition found"

7.Chameleon booting hardisk1/harddisk2……



XP/2003 first install .net 2.0




.net 2.0组件


















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this is really nice. I installed Leopard Retail on one of my computers using Chameleon RC2 on an USB-stick. When I tried the same USB-stick on my other computer (almost same spec, but with ICH8R instead of ICH8) I get Memory Allocation Error. With this installer I'm able to get to the Chameleon Boot menu.


How can I modify the EFI-volume from Windows that this tool has installed? I want to put Kexts and com.apple.Boot.plist in...

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I Installed this Windows chameleon but the problem is that it doesn't detect the Mac partition i have to change the partition manually,is there any way than i could change it so it would be permanent ?

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useless, at the very least mediocre - can't even select the partition to install to :) ! Needless to say, if one handles multi-booting professionally and responsibly, one has a dedicated boot partition - in my case FAT32 with Grub4DOS, others use Grub, Grub2, Lilo, SysLinux etc. All my OS installations (Snow, Win, Ubuntu etc.) are on dedicated volumes OTHER than the boot partition, as supposed to. So needless to say with ANY boot-loader I need to be able to select that partition to install to. ANY other boot-loader installer in ANY OS offers that - just this Chinese Installer can't .....


This ain't version 3.0, but 0.3 .. ;)


Anyway, good start. Hopefully some conscious coder carries this from amateurish to professional.


Is this open source?

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