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GA-EP45-DS3L - Sleep and Reboot working ?

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Hi Folks,


I decided to buy the GA-EP45-DS3L for my first Hackintosh.

However, I couldn t really find an answer to my question whether Sleep and Restart is working properly on this Board.


If not, would a Asus P5Q be a better Solution (ist the P5Q working better under OSX86 ?)



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come on, somebody has to have this board using with osx86


I'm using it with iPC 10.5.6.  Sleep does not work (it acts like it works but when you turn it back on it boots as if you turned it off).  If you let it go into power save mode, it's the same problem.  Shutting it down works intermittantly.  Either it works, or it gets into a weird state where all the fans turn off and the machine is silent, but the power light is still lit.  There could be some patch to fix all this but I haven't bothered looking yet.



Only other problem I have with it is once the network didn't work for some reason.  Reboot fixed it.


Check out this thread for lots of discussion about this board: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...aded&start=


I got my sound working using the drivers over there.

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I installed OSX with iAtkos v5i. Everything seems to be working. I did have to find a driver for the audio though. Boots no issues. Network no issues. Video (Geforce 7950 GTX 512) working with no issues. Sleep is also working fine. I also installed this with SATA drivers so that you do not need to use AHCI support (I hate it because it ads 2 min to my boot time.). The only issue I have found is playing some games like SIMS or COD. I have also updated this machine to 10.5.7 from apple update. After install it rebooted and failed and rebooted again and worked like a charm. No Issues with 10.5.7.


GA-EP45-DS3L F9 bios

INTEL 8500 3.16GHZ





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