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ASRock P4Dual-915GL overclocking?

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Can anyone with the ASRock P4Dual-915GL (The same board listed in the $199 build) tell me about it's overclocking options? Can it run a 533MHz bus Celeron at 800MHz if the the chip is capable? Does the board have any voltage adjustments?




I have this board running with a Celeron D 326. The board has no voltage options. You can adjust the FSB though. I have clocked mine with 150 MHZ. This gives me an overclock 2.53 -> 2.85 MHz. It didn't work with 151. Maybe I have to tweak my ram settings.

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Thanks, can you tell me what brand and spec memory you're running?

edit: You're using the original retail heatsink and fan that came with the Celeron, right?


I have two different modules (I know, they should be the same brand): 512 MB MDT PC 400 and 512 MB TwinMOS PC400.


I tried different Ram settings and only one ram module. But with every ram setting 150 Mhz FSB is the maximum stable.


I'm using the orginal heat sink/fan though.


But you know, the mac experience is not about speed it's about workflow SCR B):)

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