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  1. I had 10.4.7 running well(ish) a freind of mine got me a JaS 10.4.8 image that he had successfully installed. I installed it fine but now I get unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI" error on boot and the machine freezes? I've tried turning off use legacy usb, but that did not work Any pointers? Thanks
  2. ASRock Dual-915GL owners

    i have 10.4.5 running and its very stable.
  3. Wheres the Enable VT box?
  4. actually on my Celeron its very slow and networking keeps crashing anyone get full screen to work
  5. Yep I kept getting this, downloaded it on my G4 instead and it was fine. Would not download using Safari or Firefox on my hackintosh. I have XP now running in the Parallels workstation, seems ok, a bit slow but better than VPC ever was. I cant go full screen though I get an error message about resolutions and xwindows.
  6. just starting the install on my hackintosh now! 10.4.5 ASrock Dual915GL board Celeron D
  7. Has annyone tried the Parallels Workstation app on their homebrew x86 machine? http://www.parallels.com/download/ looks cool and according to users on macrumors runs very well.
  8. ASRock Dual-915GL owners

    Cool! I'm going to give 10.4.4 a shot later on this week, may need some help
  9. OpenOSX™ WinTel 2.0

    anyone want to try this? http://openosx.com/wintel/
  10. ASRock Dual-915GL owners

    I'm using a M$ 3 2 button intellipoint and a Apple extended USB keyboard and not heard any buzzing
  11. ASRock Dual-915GL owners

    Has anybody changed the memory settings in the Bios for this board? also is anyone using 1.30 bios
  12. ASRock P4Dual-915GL overclocking?

    As noob to PC board, can someone give me some details on what settings I should change and how o change them, particularly for the FSb and RAM timing
  13. all working well expect network controll panel always crashes
  14. Just thought I'd start a thread for all users of the ASRock Dual-915GL motherboard. I have mine with a Celeron D 2.8ghz, installed 10.4.3 8f1111 and all is working fine but I'm using an IDE hard disk, does SATA work ok as I other 3 other IDE devices but this board only has 1 IDE channel, so I'm thinking of upgrading the main boot disk to SATA. Has anyone got any tips for improving performance with this board, eg. does updating the bios make it any better? Thanks
  15. ASRock Dual-915GL board - core image, quartz extreme and openGL enabled Celeron D 2.8ghz Apple Keyboard M$ two button mouse Phillips Dual Layer DVD writer Everything seems to work, althought not tried a SATA drive yet.