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Well, first of all sorry for my english if i make any error. well, i'm wondering about wich is the best mobo for building a intel hackintosh :P i've heard of asus p5ld2-vm, but i'm looking the asus p5ld2-V who i think has better features than -VM. what do you think? wich is the best mobo for intel and having intel gma950 graphics??? i'm looking for this: intel gma950, so lga775 and the best features possible, no matter price. of mobo. thx!!!!!!!! :)

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Be sure to check HCL in Wiki for OSX version you plan to use - it lists what works and doesn't!

Read people's sig to see what is working for them. Many have good success with D915 boards.

Reading the reviews on Newegg can be helpful to see what problems people had with Asus P5LD2 (ie, IDE drives cause trouble on this board for some) and other boards you may consider.


I chose Intel D945GTP because I wanted most compatible OSX and still able to use Pentium D (not for overclocker), but I found speed of Celeron D 336 very good, D930 cost 3X USD and is faster, but not 3X speed! Full video GMA950 and multi-boot menu working without tweaks (XP already installed). Sound and network need kext edits mentioned throughout forum.

Once I took out NEC 3550 DVD and put in Pioneer A106, native install worked first time from 10.4.4 Myz. It failed 8 times before using different HDs and different OSX ver with the NEC DVD.

Best wishes for good install of beautiful OSX.

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Guys, i read this on wiki:

  • P4Dual-915gl
  • Erything working. Graphics CoreImage/Quartz Extreme Working. SATA, Audio, Network ALL WORKING! I needed PS2 Keybord to Start install but once started USB worked fine.
  • Prepatched 10.4.5 DVD
  • Intel 915GL

I can believe than this is an great choice? Or exists other mobo than can it be best?

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