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  1. Long HDMI cable issues

    That's what I thought at first, but then I saw it booting perfectly in Windows. The exact same thing happened to me with a HDMI to CAT5e adapter - it also boots into Windows just fine. What makes OS X more sensitive to this? Perhaps there is some framebuffer property I can change to improve it?
  2. Long HDMI cable issues

    Hi, I am using an ATI Radeon 5870 card, with OS X 10.8.3 and a 20" Apple Cinema Display. When I connect the display using a 5 meter DVI cable directly, everything works fine. However, if I connect it using a 10m Mini-HDMI cable (and HDMI+DVI adapters), the system POSTs, and I can even boot to Windows with my native resolution, but in OS X, I don't get any image. If I connect the 10m cable while OS X is up, I get a black screen, and switching cables doesn't help after that - only a reboot does. Same thing happens if I boot with the cable connected. A very similar behavior happened to me with a HDMI to CAT5e adapter. When this happens, System Profiler shows no display connected at all. Any ideas what could cause this or how this could be solved? Let me know if there's any more information I can provide. Thank you.
  3. Volume control on Coaxial/Optical Out

    I know, but I was wondering if there are sound cards that don't have this limitation.
  4. Hi. I've recently bought a receiver, and I would like to use a digital connection for it. However, with my Realtek ALC882, there is no volume control when Digital Out is selected. I've did some searching, and it turns out that most users don't have volume control on Digital Out. My question is, are there any sound cards that do support volume control on Digital Out? Maybe one of those M-Audio FireWire sound cards? I've also read a while ago about a hack that allowed G5's to have volume control on Digital Out, but I don't have the link anymore. If someone could point me to this hack, maybe I would be able to "port" it to Intel Macs. Any help will be appreciated
  5. Adobe Creative Suite 3

    Maybe the activation module uses Intel's LaGrande technology if an Intel processor is found, and fails if there's no TPM chip (Core Duo Macs include them on the motherboard, and Core 2 Duo and Xeons have TPM built into the CPU).
  6. Video overlay doesn't work well

    Do what? Play subtitled movies without reencoding them? I know that. But unless the subtitles are in the QT text track, they won't be shown in iTunes or Front Row.
  7. Video overlay doesn't work well

    There are many players, but nothing in OS X is as compatible as QuickTime. For instance, I'd like to have my movies subtitled in Front Row and iTunes, without reencoding them and losing quality. I have tried to play a movie with a text track in Movie Time, and it has the same issues. Probably any player that uses the QuickTime framework would be like that.
  8. Video overlay doesn't work well

    Thanks for testing it. I would like to know what your resolution is. Mine is 1680x1050, which is quite high, so this might be the issue. And I'm not from the Air Force, it's ust a sample video from the DivX site.
  9. Video overlay doesn't work well

  10. Video overlay doesn't work well

    Flurry runs fine. I also tried the demo of PREY and it works as expected on a GMA950 (less than 5 fps, but I can see things clearly). Flurry runs fine. I also tried the demo of PREY and it works as expected on a GMA950 (less than 5 fps, but I can see things clearly).
  11. Video overlay doesn't work well

    Update: I checked it with a friend who has a GeForce 6600, and he has similiar issues, so it's not the GMA950 I guess. (We both have QE/CI working, so there is graphics acceleration). Could someone with a real Mac check this out and report the results? Here are 2 sample movies to check with: http://www.localhost127.net/dropbox/SampleMovies.zip One has a text track attached and one doesn't. The one without the text track works fine, but the other one has a lot of dropped frames in fullscreen.
  12. Hi. I've had Mac OS X 10.4.8 installed for a couple of weeks, on a Pentium D 940 @ 3.8GHz computer with GMA950. All my hardware is supported, and I have QE/CI enabled. I'm quite sure OpenGL is working too, although I don't know how to confirm it. However, there are some issues with video playback. First of all, if I add a text track to a movie in QuickTime and play it fullscreen, there are a lot of frame drops. It doesn't matter if the subtitles have a black background or not, or if theyhave text anti-aliasing enabled. Also, if I enable pan scan in Movie Time (which is QuickTime based, AFAIK), there are frame drops too. In both cases above, the video also appears very pixelated in fullscreen. What could cause this? I know the GMA950 is pretty weak, but it can't be to not even support proper video overlay. I'd like to know if anyone has similiar issues. Thanks.
  13. Video overlay works in this build too! Now I can watch movies in BSplayer and synchronize subtitles on the fly
  14. My ALC882 has this too, but only until it's drivers are loaded. I've always thought it's because of the 3.5mm to RCA converter I use to connect the sound card to my stereo.
  15. I've got it fixed finally. I enabled auto login in Windows, booted in Parallels, and then attached an extra USB mouse to the VM. Then I installed Parallels Tools and everything was fine.