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iphone clone: does someone has experience?

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since an iphone is expensive and there are some very good looking replicas (except for the software of course) like this one


is there someone who has some experience with those things?


it would be so sweet if someone could hack this thing and make the iphone os run on it :(

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I thought we'd been over this...


Almost an impossible task, hardware difference between smartphones is pretty massive, then you have the bootloader to contend with, and drivers... really isn't worth trying, to be honest... nice idea though :o


Real Macs and PC don't have a big hardware difference, in fact, they are nearly identical if you have the right PC hardware, which is why Mac OS X was able to run on PCs.. Not the same with smartphones.

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clones use third party apps ect and have shorter life spans and if you have any problems you've had it very diffiuclt for support

and if that didnt bother you much whats the point anyways just go for a normal phone

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