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  1. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    on returning home i retested the method and it did work but i tried building an efi string from scratch and it failed to get full acceleration so trial and error with strings depending on larger things The Method 1. Remove any non standard GFX kexts and enablers including bootloader flags 2. Get an up to date bootloader installed 3. Get a 8600M efi string and make sure the pci root it points to is your FX 570 4. Install the string to the bootloader 5. Reboot computer with string 6. Start OSX Tools and Enable Quartz 7. Restart and it should work, i not try different strings There is a second method but not recommended or deeply explained 1. Flash your GPU bios with dev ids and sys id to that or the same generation 8600M card 2. Install GPU as a 8600M 3. It should function correctly this method changes the card into a 8600M in all OS's but can brick your system depending on the way its done and the Laptops Bios
  2. lastowl

    Mother of all motherboards

    i was at a conference where they were advertising these dual socket solution but even in server terns they dont work well together and osx86 i think would kp, also the power usage is unreal considering. if you wan to se a silly big number work out the cost required to max it out 24x2gb DDR3 2200mhz 9x GTX 480 2x 6 cores .....
  3. but with living in the EU, apple will try and get what they want but it takes a lot of time and money which i think apple wont bother with
  4. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    @splinex i would find it interesting you results aswell as all that it has to do is mistake the 570m for the 8600m cousin and its done but i could never 100% recreate it and it was hit and miss @hiqu i agree its the problems im having trying to create somthing from scratch but i think it should just be doable by a efi string i will post and efi string and script to show how i get it nearly 100% soon ill first have to return to my home country then ill do a final check of it before posting
  5. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    basicaly the methods i suggested was First to use gfxutil to generate you a efi string and try that and possibly use osxtools to enable quartz second method is to to get an efi 8600 string and modify devids and pci root the the fx570 as they both use the same framebuffer
  6. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    another update i'm gettin reports from some people that the 8600m method i mentioned works with full quartz ect, sometimes using osx to enable, but then others are gettin the usual white screen ect the softcoded driver is loading but no quartz or anything the hardcoded driver isnt quite anywhere near enough done and kp 9/10th of the time and doesn't work well at all please people try the 8600m method as with the correct setting it should work, but im still working on a kext and report on here as well your success or failure and the problems with it as it may be an easy fix
  7. lastowl

    HDMI Issues 10.6.3

    its purely due to adding further opengl surport use the drivers from 10.6.2 or wait till 10.6.4 as 10.6.3 has turned tons of stuff off becuase of stability
  8. all the normal boot files work for me, just use netkas's latest or the one from prayss blog dsdt i dont use but just create one if you want to mod stuff
  9. not sure if this is an issue with the kernel or not but i find photo booth kp always on start but the camera works in all other things, i was thinking was somthing stopped that shouldnt or is this a cpuid issue btw is on an amd laptop
  10. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    hi im still working on it but i dont think it should be a complete rewrite cause the 570m is a 8600m just one is built for direct x while the others is designed for more gerneral gpu processing but it shouldnt make that much different, problem is ive broken about 15 leopard install and another 6 snow leo installs trying to get the correct things working but stay patient i may get it working before i die ive got a soft coded kext for it but it kills the system too often, but my solution works in windows converting it from 8600m to fx570m ao its just seeing if itll link up with open gl nativitly, Something for people to try is using an 8600m efi string or a custom one but just change the naming and use osx tools to enbale QE/CI but do it at your own risk btw snow leopard is more unstable when its messed with, it doesnt like to be forced
  11. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    im having a look at the rom Ive successfully got a method for the gpu in windows and im in the process if doin the same in osx
  12. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    hi thanks for the hex, ive hit a few problems with getting it up and running and my latest fault is my lappy is finally dead but ill buy a new one within a week and continue the work, getting the card working isnt too much is keeping it stable that is concerning me, but i keep you posted when i release something shouldn't be too long
  13. lastowl

    How can Apple make gaming better?

    if apple included direct x conversion frameworks in place to transfer the required direct x to opengl frameworks they would also be able to apply it to any opengl linux, this wouldn't be direct x for mac just a pass over to the open gl but even with this it would never be perfect and would be buggy new games like crysis level would cause massive conversion errors as they use a custom game engine which interacts with the direct x frameworks in strange ways, but the graphics hardware in osx is never cutting edge and is often way late but game like modern warfare natively on a mac show it can be done if games companies want to as the resources are the same
  14. lastowl


    i would but currently doing a different graphics driver atm if no one takes it up i might look into it
  15. lastowl

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M on Leopard

    thanks but i meant using gfxutil do a full hexdump i want to see some of the values it detects from within osx