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Trouble with 2600XT (9588) and iPC 10.5.6


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Hi fellow mac users,


i recently bought new hardware for an intel based setup, the gfx card remained the same (Sapphire RadeonHD 2600XT, 256mb, ID: 2588).


I used Zephyroth's 10.5.2 AMD EFI-DVD, everything went smooth. It ran fast under 10.5.6 without trouble.


Since the hardware is too new for that dvd, I used iPC (the duallayer version). Everything went fine, except for the graphics.


I used the drivers and frameworks that came with iPC; Photoshop was extremly slow, windowserver process used 90% cpu. And Quicksilver, when started, didn't show that squirly QS logo, only a white block becoming transparent. If no kext's are loaded (i.e. in safe mode), everything is fine, no hardware acceleration, though.


I tried many different drivers (natit's, efi-string) and frameworks (from the 10.5.2 zephyroth, from 10.5.6 original update, from the new XxX 10.5.6 installer, from 10.5.5), it makes no difference. Maybe a bios setting is wrong? PCIe voltage, frequency or something like that?


Actually, if I use OpenGLViewer, every test (except for the version 3.0) are fine and runs with good performance.


I haven't tested another "distro" yet (just installed their kext's and opengl-frameworks, but I guess if there's a problem with gfx, the only issues can be the driver itself and the openGL.Framework that is in use. Right? :)


My hardware list:


Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

CPU: Q9300@2.5ghz

Ram: OCZ PC1066 4GB

GPU: Radeon 2600XT 256mb

Harddrive: 250GB Samsung (SATA)

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