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Thinking of getting the Asus N4L-VM DH

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But I don't want to be the first and then find out it doesn't work well. From all I can tell Sound, Ethernet should work. Firewire I'm not sure about. The GMA950 should work, and I'm hoping a ADD2-N card for DVI will work too.


Any comments, would love to hear them.



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i ordered the board and will get it on wednesday but i am not so sure about when i will get my Core Duo T2600.


when i got my stuff i will let you know what works and what doesnt, one bad thing about this board is that you cant change vcore or memory dividier....



i am sorry but i will stick to my asus p5ld2-vm and get a intel pentium d 930 (with vanderpool) and get 4gb ram in total


some reasons why i think this is the better, faster and cheaper solution:

-4 ram banks

-i got decent overclocking features through the p5ld2-vm (not great but better than nothing)

-the intel core duo is slower then current p4´s (because the clock rate is so low and unfortunately you cant overclock the cpu ..)


the bad:

more power consumption but hey i can live with that


If there would be an motherboard for the core duo (yonah) which has 4 ram banks, plus integrated intel 950 graphic chip and decent overclocking features i would give it a try but why should i touch my system when everything is running great and realy fast


i wanted to share my thoughts with you guys

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