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  1. Only problem with that article is it talks about bugs (weather, scripts) that were fixed in the next beta.
  2. An interview with the developers: http://www.automatedhome.co.uk/New-Product...Developers.html Also it looks like the next version is nearing release! /blkblt
  3. XBMC?

    It's actually got ffmpeg underneath, not VLC (which also uses ffmpeg under the covers). OSXBMC actually uses some experimental H.264 decoding patches which gives it much better performance than VLC or MPlayer for OS X or Perian. In terms of the audio, if you want analog output (i.e. 2-channel), make sure audio output mode is set to Analog, and the correct audio output is selected (i.e. Internal Speakers, etc.) If you're connecting to a surround receiver, enable Digital Mode, and connect with an optical or coax digital cable. Hope this helps.
  4. XBMC?

    Version 0.4.0 was just released, and they're making a ton of progress. Python scripts work in this release! www.osxbmc.com
  5. XBMC?

    A new version was just release on http://www.osxbmc.com/. It plays 1080p movies great on my Mini!
  6. That's correct. When I moved to Leopard the diskarb stuff turned into an IOKit timeout, but same nasty boot delay.
  7. I finally got rid of it by eliminating all my IDE devices. It's apparently only needed on certain chipsets. I bought a SATA-to-IDE adapter and use my DVD burner on a SATA port now and my boots are super fast. /blkblt
  8. Building a new hackintosh

    I'm about to buy the Q6600 with the Gigabyte DS3 motherboard, but I'm wondering if there's a difference between that MB and the BX2 in terms of vanilla kernel compatibility. I've heard that there are reboot/shutdown problems in some cases. /blkblt
  9. Any clue if reboot/shutdown is likely to ever work with this board + Q6600 + stock kernel? I'm trying to figure out if it's a kernel problem, or something that the "EFI" bootloader can fix. /blkblt
  10. Does this mean I can also use dual DVI monitors (or one monitor and a TV through HDMI-to-DVI converter) without hot-plugging? Many thanks, /blkblt
  11. Thanks hackcat; that is correct, I can finally stop fidgeting and hit the "Checkout" button. Thanks for your help and patience! /blkblt
  12. Has anyone with a Q6600 tried the stock kernel? Does it work?
  13. I'm looking to get a new MB, and had my eyes on the BadAxe2. Basically I'd like to run with stock kexts as much as possible. Is that a good MB, or are there other specific ones that should be better? Also, I feel like the MB might be showing its age a bit. /blkblt
  14. Dtrace woes

    I have an older Pentium D940 CPU, and whenever I run dtrace, I get an error: $ sudo dtrace -n 'syscall:::return { total[probename] = 1; }' dtrace: invalid probe specifier syscall:::return { total[probename] = 1; }: "/usr/lib/dtrace/darwin.d", line 26: syntax error near "uthread_t" Can someone else with that sort of processor give it a try and see if they get the same error? Thanks, /blkblt
  15. Final Cut Pro doesn't start

    Turned out to be a bad AppleSMBIOS.kext problem. Now all is well.