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The Dell e520 Thread

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Dell e520 (DM061).

This is a resource for all of those that want OSX on this bad boy. It runs Vanilla (retail.)


First of all, Boot-123 for e520 by blkhockeypro19 is probably the easiest way to get a OSX vanilla install. This method did not work for me when I had a pentium D, but worked perfectly after I upgraded to a q6600. There are many positive reports for the core2's as well. Headache avoidance tip #1: if install doesn't work for you, go into BIOS and change dell's silly disk raid support to the other setting. Also, I had to use the 'escape welcome loop' trick (see post) on first boot. YMMV.



After install the first thing you will want is networking. Native networking is not supported for those of us with ich8 (AFAIK). The drivers for ICH9 and ICH 7 are around, but the majority of e520's use the incompatible ich8.

Attempts worth trying:Modified Intel82566MM by dr.Vox


My solution: PCI networking card. :P



by dyrdymal. Plug in your speakers. Works fantastic.


There you go! a completely stable mac you never need to worry about updating or kernel problems.


overall a fantastic, inexpensive machine. I've been using mine as a primary for a while. Rock solid.




The e520 is prone to the profiler bug, especially if you have a proc thats not "vanilla."

If you want sysprofiler to show your chip info correctly, try here





Chameleon DFE (see boot-132 post: HERE) This is the easy way to "permanent-ize" your boot-132 disk. Just follow directions and you won't need your CD anymore to boot.


Chameleon 2.0r1 (or Chameleon 1 ): Haven't figured out how to get past the "waiting for root" problem, even after using chameleon DFE first. Boot with "ignore caches" flag, and it works fine.

Other Resources:

wmarsh's e520 thread

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