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  1. Is there any way to do this without osx86tools? it does not run on Lion for me. (well, it opens, but cannot import my network.plist i created as per instructions. I cannot just type/paste it in there either. --EDIT-- EFI studio does all of this in 1 click. Just select Ethernet from the dropdown. NOTE: if you have Chameleon r1000+ com.apple.boot.plist is NO LONGER USED. its now org.chameleon.boot.plist. Also, make sure you don't have Ethernet built-in flag set to Y, or you will get unbootable system. This method fixes facetime and app store issues.
  2. FaceTime problem

    This issue seems to be related to the App Store "Unable to verify account" issue (widely reported here & on apple forums). People have suggested it seems to be a problem with the network configurations. Possible solutions: delete your network preferences from /Library/Preferences/SystemPreferences Delete your network adapter in System Preferences reboot re-add network adapter in System Preferences Try a different kext for your particular adapter Try a different hex string / enabler. There are many other suggestions/solutions out there. YMMV. Neither are working for me, in using Intel8256MM and neither work for me.
  3. Yes, i have the same issue on 10.7. My SL install would crush the boot time of SL, its quite strange. I'm using a SSD and this boot process makes owning one irrelevant. my old disk drives can crush my SSD when booting SL vs lion. (although not once booted - heh) I'll poke around the chameleon camp to see if anyone's posted there
  4. Intel ICH8R Sata

    ICH8R chipset confirmed working, fully, for 10.7 GM Im running a SSD on a Dell e520. blazin' fast
  5. HD4850 Issue

    I'd like to +1 this, as I am also having problems with the EAH 4850 TOP on 10.6.7! Bump!
  6. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    I am running 10.6.5 on my e520, flawlessly. with dsdt update from software update works fine. cheers-
  7. good gawd I have a Zotac GTS250 1GB as well and can't for the life of me get it to function (tried enabelr=y from chamRC5 & various other solutions..) Yes yes, could you post your working solution for 10.6.4 please!? OSX is un-useable for me with this card...
  8. SAME HERE I traded my ATI 4850 in for a "more compatable" Nvidia card, and this POS doesnt even run outside of safe mode! I've tried DSDT setting, Injectors, Graphics Enabler, and EFI strings - but the most I get is 1024 safe mode. EEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I've read a lot of forums over this and is seems to vary greatly depending on the card manufacturer. Are you other zotac owners able to get a picture with your VGA port? I get a black/blue screen (no picture) with DVI, but i get basic (1024) output with the VGA port. Seeing as different GTS250 cards are reported to work flawlessly, do you think it would be worth flashing this POS? Thought? Im frustrated. also, shouldnt this be in the post-install / drivers section?
  9. 4850 Graphics Update

    After rebooting from the graphics update (Snow Leopard Graphics Update) I was met with a corrupted screen. Has anyone else run into this? The update introduces a new version of ATI4800.kext - so I thought just adding my devid (0x94421002) would squash this but no avail. I tried importing the pre-gfxupdate version of ATI4800.kext (6.1.16) with dev-id and a backup of IOPCIFamily.kext, thinking that would fix it but THAT doesnt work either! Has anyone had to deal with this? what else does the gfx update modify? in 10.6.4 I was running 10.6.4 kexts with dev id inserted, modified IOPCIFamily.kext, and EVOEnabler in my E/E folder. Any Ideas? HELP!
  10. HD4850 w/o QE/CI but w/ reschanging

    Tried the vanilla 4800 + dev id in S/L/E and evoenabler combination for ASUS 4850 and I get garbled screen Im using Chameleon with graphicsenabler = no EDIT- ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY Running completely vanilla 10.6.4 kexts for ASUS EAH4850 (+qe/etc)! After installing the combo update ontop of 10.6.2, I modified my dev-id in the 4800.kext in S/L/E. Installed evoenabler in E/E and the earlier posed IOPCIFamily.kext and blam! It didnt work the first time because i forgot to run chown/chmod on S/L/E and thus the dev-id wasn't recognized. Running just as well as 10.6.2! Now im off to play TF2 and Counter strike (a la valve!)
  11. OS X 10.6.3 on MSI Pro-E i7 920 ATI 4850

    Solidus- I also have a 4850 (by ASUS, a EAH4850 to be exact) and it has been the bane of my existence (as far as 10.6.3 is concerned.) I have yet to find any workable method for my 4850. Netkas' recommendation of simply draggin the appropriate files from 10.6.2 did not yield any results. I have tried many other methods (10.5.8 drivers + patched framebuffers/rates or even legacy4800 + graphicsenabler=yes.) All unsuccessful. Do let me know if you figure something out, as I would like to play valve games! Dave
  12. Hd4850 and 10.6.2

    I've been wrestling with this problem since the 6.1->6.2 jump as well. Apparently the devid in 4800.kext + evoenabler doesnt just "work" with 6.2. I've tried adding the legacy4800 to my extra folder, with and without evoenabler as well as netkas qe/qi patch. All i get is the tearing if i boot normal (non safe-mode) frustrating!
  13. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    Heh. Who knew!? Whenever I try and boot with RAID on it boots into recovery mode and then promptly tells me that the version of recovery mode installed is not compatable with this version of windows. I installed windows 7 from MSDN onto a blank drive. Guess they haven't gotten that bit worked out quite yet. ymmv.
  14. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    Yep - it seems is really only depends on how you installed your other OS's. For example, my win7 is installed in ATA mode, so id' be a real pain in the ass to install SL in RAID, as I would have to monkey with BIOS every time i switch into the other OS. If you installed you Windows without monkeying with BIOS, you installed by Autodetect/ATA by default.
  15. This happens for me as well. Check out my l33t screenshot here: HERE - Does it look like yours? Also, I've followed this guide and it works great for me with .6.0 on RAID mode, but I can't upgrade to .6.1. When I boot into my external version of 10.6.0 and apply the 10.6.1 update, I lose ICH8R support. While booted into the external drive, I've re-installed rc3, backed up all of my kexts from the 10.6.0 version, but still no ICH8 support. My /Extra/Extensions folder looks like this: AHCIPortInjector.kext ATAPortInjector.kext ATA4800Controller.kext (modified for mah 4850) CPUInjector.kext Disabler.kext EVOenabler.kext fakesmc.kext Intel82566MM.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext JMicronATAInjector.kext NullPCUPowerManagement.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext PlatformUUID.kext SleepEnabler.kext I'm not sure how I lost support, but I certainly can't see any internal drives. Meh. Anyone else have this problem?