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Nehalem Hackintosh Help

Mr Mylan Man

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Hey all,


I just built a new computer, and I wanted to install OSX86 onto it.


The specs are as follows:


Intel 920 Nehalem

Biostar TpowerX58

nVidia GTX260

SATA hard drive and DVD drive



Now the problem I am having is when I tell it to boot up (using the -v flag) it gives me the "Still waiting for root device" error. I tried booting with the -v -x flags, and it still gives me those errors. The version I was trying was iDeneb 1.4 (based off of 10.5.6).


Do any of you know of a better distribution or am I just SOL? I know that there are currently no drivers for my video card, but I'm hoping the basic driver would work well enough (I don't plan on doing intensive stuff on it, just play around some).



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