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    Almost there, I just need to adjust kext! Lenovo s430

    I know this is quite historical, but i've just banged High Sierra onto a Thinkpad Edge s430 - in fact typing from it now. Just about to patch the DSDT - was wondering if you just happened to have a summary of the patches you made for it? Thanks Mac Junky
  2. turns out that with MacPro 3.1 AGPM is not invoked, changing to 4.1 and getting rid of AppleTyMCEDriver.kext (wouldn't boot with it) seems to have helped. I'll keep an eye on the logs if it happens again
  3. Hi, Looked everywhere for help but cannot seem to find any, I have a GTX275 that works just fine, apart from the Fan not seemingly speeding up when it is under load causing it to lock up the machine after 10-15 minutes of a 3D game, usually with a sound loop and a black screen. At least, i think that's what the problem is, has anyone else had this issue with an nVidia card? Works just fine in Snow Leopard and Lion. Updated to latest 304.00.05f02 drivers, but it's done it will all nVidia drivers in Mountain Lion.
  4. Hi guys, I have a really nicely running Hackintosh with a Q6600 on a P5Ke Wifi/AP and a GTX275. All is good apart from two things which i have been unable to sort myself by reading through the forum. Sleep will not happen unless i manually click on sleep to send the machine to sleep[/*:m:1t3d16tg] Wake will only work from the power button, and not the keyboard or mouse.[/*:m:1t3d16tg] Any tips for this? Google is not being very helpful at all any help would be greatly appreciated. I use a DSDT generated and patched accordingly and everything else works fine (audio, network, OpenGL)