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Can't calibrate screen, use "Shades" and get no transitions when swicthing to FrontRow


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I am grinding away on an graphics SW issue, but can't seem to solve it, so I thought I ask for help.


The Problem(s):

- Using the Mac OS screen calibrator makes no difference. None of the sliders have any effect.


- I downloaded the program "Shades" (http://www.charcoaldesign.co.uk/shades) to adjust my display brightness, but none of the settings have any effect.


- Possibly related: I get no transition effect when switching to FrontRow. I know from my Macbook Pro that there is an effect there.


- Possibly related: Whenever I get a status bar moving along, the graphics performance gets jerky, for example when viewing the magnification feature in the dock.

My System:

My system is running perfectly otherwise. According to the graphics info in "About this Mac" everything is enabled and running fine. I am using EFI_9 with GFX strings for my card. Core image is HW accelerated, QE and QGL are enabled. I get a geek bench score of ~5300, and a X-Bench score of ~250 without the disc test and can run games such as Toca 3 at max settings without a hitch.


What's going on here? Any ideas?

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