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    Bootcamp on hackintosh

    Yeah I have no idea what they are trying to reference. dmidecode won't even run so I can't even try to figure out what values they are talking about. Oh well.
  2. el lissitzky

    enhanced gptsync tool

    Is this thing still alive? I'm trying to see if I can use gtpsync to repair a broken GPT that won't boot my win 7.
  3. Update: Despite 99% of the research I did suggesting the cause was a corrupt boot sector/MBR, the issue appears to be isolated to my Clover boot loader because upon attempting to boot with a Chimera USB Win 7 booted perfectly fine. Background: I have a machine that was previously dual booting legacy El Capitan and Windows 7 off of the same drive on a non-UEFI board. Issue: When I try to boot the Win 7 entry through Clover I get a "Disk Read Error". Possible causes: The El Capitan install is a recent fresh replacement of the Mavericks install. I will try to retrace my steps that may have caused this but the troubleshooting took place about a month ago and was a lengthy process. 1. If I recall correctly, upon first installing the new El Capitan, Clover was not loading off the drive and instead I was getting a Windows boot menu. To remedy this I think I had to switch the Boot0 to AF or SS. After that I can say with certainty the system was booting both OSs fine. 2. Then there was an issue at some point where the EFI was improperly formatted as HFSJ so I had to set it back to FAT32 and I think at this point the dual booting was still in tact. 3. At a later point I tried to format the EFI again in order to troubleshoot another issue but accidentally improperly formatted it. In order to fix that I found a post on Stack Exchange that detailed out to swap the EFI out from starting to ending byte with the EFI from my boot USB. 4. I reset my BIOS to factory defaults. These are the possible things that may have caused this issue but I'm not sure. Questions: • Is my boot partition damaged? • Is there BIOS or Clover setting causing this issue? • Is there a possible way to examine the boot partition or see a detailed log that may hint at what is causing the "Disk Read Error"? • Is there any possible way I can repair this with out having to install both OSs from scratch?
  4. Any solutions here? I have a slow fan on a 4890.
  5. Not to long ago I got my Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X graphics card to work with a concoction of different kexts and packages. It works great but I realize the fan remains at the lowest speed at all times. It seems most peoples issues regarding the fan on this card have to do with it only running at 100%. If I could get it to run 100% that would be fine, as long as I know it's not overheating. Is this a kext issue or a firmware issue?
  6. el lissitzky

    HIS 4890 Fan Noise

    I have 1 4890 but the fan just sits at the slowest speed! Is the fan controlled by a kext or the firmware of the card?
  7. el lissitzky

    Ati HD4890 fan speed control

    Same issue, ever find a solution to this?
  8. I ended up reverting to the BIOS's default which uses the transfer function setting and modifying it slightly to be more sensitive. Windows now works fine, maybe the table setting just doesn't work on my card. However I seem to have the other users same issue of it sitting at 20% in OSX.
  9. el lissitzky

    Fix bad FPS/no fan on Radeon 4870 without flashing!

    can you elaborate on how you manually set the fan timings? i have a 4890 and the fan won't spin up at all so it's running hot. you can load the video card bios through pc efi?!
  10. I already tried it 2x and no luck! Pretty strange huh? After the flash process "atiflash" definitely says that it as successful and I can retrieve the new settings from the bios that is now on the card, weird.
  11. Thanks for the info. So I followed your instructions, ended up flashing it out of windows. When I retrieve the BIOS using the same method you initially instructed it shows up as having the new fan settings, great. But when I go into windows and monitor the temperature, it seems like the fan isn't even budging in windows... Am I doing something wrong here?
  12. thanks for this tutorial. i successfully changed my bios following your instructions but how can i monitor my temp and fan speed in osx? i don't hear my fan chugging away. :\
  13. el lissitzky

    Is speedstep necessary?

    Oh I see. Well I think I already got it working. Thanks =D
  14. el lissitzky

    Is speedstep necessary?

    Is speedstep necessary? Seems like a simple question but I wasn't able to find the answer searching.
  15. *SOLVED. THERMAL PASTE. CLEAN CASE. CORRECT MEMORY VOLTAGE. So I've stumbled upon an interesting little issue. I've had a computer that consists of mostly the same parts since 2007 and I've been running various hackintosh configurations for about a year and a half with little to no major issues. Amidst getting a new video card(8800GTS ate {censored}, had bios artifacts and would not boot) I saw a concern for temperature that I had never considered. I noticed my CPU runs abnormally high during casual use (web browsing, ichat). I'm looking at 64C degrees right now. Now I realized maybe it was attributed to running the automatic light overclock setting on my board (i've been running this since 2007). I'm 100% certain when I first had the computer it worked but now when I try to set the speed setting to default, the computer will not boot and becomes unstable in the bios and boot screen for osx. I'm wondering if maybe temperature was even the cause in my GPU dying but then again I had it since 2007 and it was a replacement because the first one they sent me was artifacting and unstable after a few weeks(prehackintosh). Any info would be helpful. I may have just opened up a whole nother world of troubleshooting that I don't want to deal with.